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Scott North
Scott North
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I was stuck in a cycle of partying, takeaways, and mediocre workouts. Despite my best efforts, I never felt satisfied with how I looked or felt. Sound familiar?

The turning point came when I hired my first Personal Trainer. Suddenly, I had a clear plan and the promise of real results if I put in the work.

Within six months, I was a new man. My physique transformed, and I felt a surge of unstoppable energy. The best part? For the first time, I was genuinely proud of myself.

I decide to help others experience this same transformation. Since July 2020, I've been committed to helping YOU break free from mediocrity and unlock your full potential.

Ready to trade mediocrity for success? Begin your transformation today! Message me with 'Succeed.' Let's forge your path to victory.

Your journey starts now.

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IG: @_scottnorth
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TikTok: @scottnorthpt
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Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
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After reading existing reviews I reached out to Scott to help improve my strength, fitness and confidence in the gym after recent surgery. With 1-1 tailored work outs he’s delivered on all requests and I look forward to continuing on into the future with his guidance and expertise.
Charlie Casey
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I absolutely loved my time with Scott. I attended the small group sessions which was a great way to stay motivated, meeting like minded people!

Scott has created an amazing atmosphere that is friendly, fun and most importantly helped me achieve my fitness goals.

I would highly recommend considering Scott as your new PT!!
David Burch
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I had thought about the idea of hiring a PT to help maximise my results and time spent at the gym. When Scott took me on as a client he was able to correct my form through use of helpful analogies which not only improved how much I could lift but greatly improved my confidence at the gym. Scott was able to develop a program based around my needs and the time I was available to go to the gym, which has allowed me see a lot of improvement over a short period of time. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who requires a PT who is patient, empathetic and detail orientated. I know for a fact I will continue to see growth based on the things I have learned from him.
Chris Pauley
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Scott was amazing in providing a tailored strength training plan to supplement my marathon training.

Always super supportive, friendly and always with a smile on his face. Often going above and beyond in terms of tips, info and educatinal resources being provided.

I went for the group training sessions. They really helped me build confidence in the gym and now I feel comfortable using the equipment properly (this was a big source of anxiety for me before training with Scott) Even though I was often on a different training plan from the rest of the people in session, I always felt included and supported in terms of advice and checkups.

Can't recommend Scott enough, he's a good egg so he is.
Feargus Magill
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Keep it up Scott- has been great having you on board and appreciate the effort you put in.
Gym feels like a much friendlier place and we always feel better for having gone during the week.
Ted Stokes
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I really appreciate you man. You are a great PT. I think what i like most is that you really take the time to talk to people and find out about their situation and try to work with that to help each client achieve their goals.

You dont have a "one shoe fits all" approach. You dont say "ah its fuckin easy just hustle and grind out 10k sit-ups bro". And you dont use negative reinforcement or shame. You dont judge.

I think you are very versatile and knowledgeable.
Ryan Robinson
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Scott is great, he is a fun but professional trainer. He is very motivational and pushes you past your comfort zones.
Paul Dempster
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We are really enjoying the Monday sessions. Many of them without the accountability of knowing it’s a session with you I don’t think we’d make it on a Monday. So thank you 🙌🏻
Natalie Stokes
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A very encouraging, knowledgeable coach. Challenges me to improve with varied workouts keeping the gym interesting.
I am now lifting weights I didn’t think I would be able to! Great to work with 😄
Leah McCullagh
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Really enjoying how the group sessions change up the workouts so it’s targeting different exercises I haven’t did yet - Also it’s a really nice group that are always encouraging so makes you want to keep pushing :)
Jamie Hegarty
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Scott creates a very friendly environment where you instantly feel comfortable.I literally had no clue what I was doing in the gym beforehand. He’s helped me to build on my confidence and knowledge, providing helpful tips and training methods. Even outside of our weekly session, he’s available to answer any questions or queries I have. I couldn’t recommend Scott enough.
Ed Green
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I couldn't be happier the expertise and guidance Scott has given me. He has helped me gain confidence in the gym and also helped me to go from barely being able to run to the end of the street to running a half marathon. Scott's dedication and motivational skills are truly commendable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals as well as having a good bit of craic along the way!
David Kirk
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Scott is a professional and knowledgeable personal trainer who goes the extra mile for his clients setting realistic goals and designing tailored workout plans to help you reach your full potential. Since working with Scott I’ve gone from being a complete gym novice to feeling confident walking into a gym and smashing thorough a workout. He has supported me over the last year to not only achieve my fitness goals but go so much further than I imagined I could have. He’s a friendly, motivating PT and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone!
Chris Coyles
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Ive trained with Scott for a month now & it has been a lot of fun! He’s a great coach, supportive, motivating and easy to get on with which helped make it less daunting going in to a busy gym. His wealth of knowledge is incredible and I really like how personable he is when talking about his own set backs (I see you with the choccy puds! 🤣) but having a realistic coach definitely helps seeing that having a relationship with food looking at nutrition doesn’t have to be awful & boring ☺️
Nicola Sloane
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Scott was great, I got PBs on all my lifts, strength went up across the board, the workouts were great, and I loved the advice around everything
Chris Wills
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When I first started with Scott I wanted to gain some strength and overall just build a healthier routine. Which I have been able to achieve thanks to Scott. He has a wealth of knowledge on training, nutrition and is always there to give support or answer any questions you may have. Couldn't recommend anyone better!
Jack Coffey
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I started training with Scott with zero knowledge of weight training and limited knowledge of anything gym related in general.
Scott was so friendly and really understanding and walked me through everything step by step. I struggled with my pelvis during both my pregnancies and have weakness on my right side and Scott was brilliant working with me and helping me reach my potential.

Due to family commitments I was unable to continue my training with Scott but I hope to return again as soon as possible.
Scott is one of the kindest, down to earth people I've ever met and he is fantastic at what he does. The amount of things he has taught me in a short space of time is amazing and I feel so much more confident walking into the gym to train on my own. Would recommend him 110%!
Rebecca English
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So far, Scott has been amazing. He's very motivational in terms of you hitting your goals and is always pushing you to give it your all inside and outside the gym.
Jack Coffey
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I really enjoy Scott's way of coaching. I was able to fit my training around my other commitments, and I'm in control of how I commit to it as long as I'm achieving my goals/creating new goals.
Debbie O’Connor
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Having Scott as my coach has been amazing. I can’t recommend Scott enough.

From Scott’s knowledge in training / nutrition, to his daily support ensures you are working as a team towards whatever fitness goal you want to achieve. If you want help with anything fitness, Scott is the man for the job. 💪
Joel Pension
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Training with Scott is the best hour of my week. I was really scared using weights and hadn’t a clue what to do but Scott has given me loads of confidence to use everything in the gym and I have a clear plan of what to do when I’m in the gym by myself and how to do it.
Jude Frame
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I’ve been training with Scott for a year and started seeing results within just a few short months. I used to hate exercise, I had never been to the gym and didn’t know where to start. But now I love the gym and have a completely different mindset, I’ve gained so much knowledge and got so much stronger all thanks to Scott. He is amazing at what he does, he knows a lot and works hard to get his clients results! He puts the care and effort into everything from nutrition to your workout program. He is a great teacher and such good craic in the gym, the workouts are fun and never boring as he adds exercises you want to do while still pushing you to your best. There’s no BETTER™️ personal trainer here so look no further!!
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3 weeks into the program with Scott and already I can see differences to my frame, losing weight and energy levels are increasing with each session, always available for any advice whether be about nutrition or exercises, well worth the money and glad I made the decision to join the team!
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I have been receiving personal training from Scott for several months now and have very quickly been reaping the rewards. From the dietary advice to the well informed workouts Scott has been extremely supportive and even helped me through a recent injury. I would highly recommend Scott as PT for anyone for anyone who is interested in making positive lifestyle changes.
John McCourt
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Scott is a true professional and a great teacher. He is very organised and knowledgeable. Scott knows how to get results!
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As a complete beginner Scott had been fantastic at explaining the basics and helping me to grow in confidence in the gym. After 3 months I’ve seen huge improvements in my fitness and massive progress towards my goals none of which I could have achieved without Scott’s help!
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Scott is the first and only PT I've worked with. As a 33 year old male of reasonable fitness, who wanted to focus on weight loss, strength, discipline and nutrition, I found that Scott was the perfect trainer to suit my needs. His personable, professional approach, along with his dedication to timely constructive feedback is extremely helpful.

After only a few weeks into my sessions with Scott, I have already noticed considerable gains in: strength; energy levels; commitment to a positive, manageable routine; understanding of accessible, realistic nutritional plans to suit my lifestyle and the ability to set achievable, measurable goals.

For someone who has spent years bumbling around aimlessly in the gym, Scott has been the missing link that's finally helped me pull it all together.
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Scott is a great personal trainer and an even better person. From day one he has made me feel relaxed and changed my mindset to a positive one. He’s always very patient (he deserves a medal for putting with me). Always has great banter, workouts are enjoyable and he is very helpful when showing me new workouts and tailoring it to what I need. He pushes me to get the best results and is always motivating me, couldn’t recommend anyone better.
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I started training with Scott about a year ago and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I had no idea on what to do in the gym and really needed some guidance. Since starting, I have done things I never thought I would do in the gym and Scott really helps me to hit my goals. I have seen so many positive physical changes in myself due to the programs that Scott sets out and really enjoy going every week!
David Kirk
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Cannot recommend Scott highly enough. He has given me renewed energy in the gym and gotten me back enjoying my training again. He also helped me lose a stone and get me in the best shape of my life!
Chris Hutton
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I’ve been with Scott for over a year, he helps me stay on track which is the main thing I need. I’ve had other coaches before but you can tell with Scott he really cares and puts in the effort to see you achieve your goals and succeed. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is looking to achieve their goals and have a partner along the way!
Jordan Forsythe

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