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Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald
Herne Hill Lifestyle Centre
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Exercise and healthy living have always been a top priority of mine. I truly believe that enjoyable training and smart nutrition are two key elements in achieving a happy and well-balanced lifestyle. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

That is why I am here. I am a NASM-Premier Global certified Personal Trainer, determined to help as many people as I can become the very best version of themselves. I understand that everyone is different, and therefore training must be tailored towards individual needs and circumstances.

Gyms can be intimidating, workout routines can be over complicated, and most diet plans fail, this is where I can help you:

- Personally, I am a very open, friendly, and easy-going person. So, whether you’re a beginner looking to start exercising, or an experienced gym goer looking to break through barriers, I am sure that we will build a great working relationship together and smash your goals.
- I want to create an effective training program for you. One that not only suits you, but one that you can genuinely enjoy following.

- I can to provide you with valuable nutritional advise. Advice that you can not only follow, but advise that will allow you to still eat the foods you love.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today, and take the first steps that will help YOU become the best version of YOURSELF.
NASM - Level 2 Fitness Instructor
NASM - Level 3 Personal Trainer
NASM - Optimum Performance Training
YGSP - Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ongoing)
Resistance Training
- Empathises on weight training using a variety of equipment including barbels, dumbbells, kettle bells, cable machines, resistance machines, and more.

Cardiovascular Performance
- Various training protocols to increase cardio capacity including interval training, HIIT, strength endurance, and boxing.

Strength Training
- Structured programming to incrementally increase full body strength levels while reducing risk of injury.

Weight Management
- Simple and easy to follow nutritional advice, calorie management, and macro nutrient breakdown to improve body composition.
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Sean is an absolutely fantastic trainer. I started training with him at the beginning of the year when I turned 40. Despite busy work and home schedules he has found a training programme for me which really works and keeps things interesting. I started working with him straight after a knee injury but his focus upon proper technique really inspires confidence. I haven’t felt this fit in decades. Highly recommended, thanks Sean
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I was very nervous looking for a personal trainer as someone who is overweight and out of shape. But Sean gave me confidence to start exercising again - he was patient and encouraging. It felt great to achieve things in the gym that I never thought someone ‘like me’ could do. Highly recommend working with Sean whatever level of fitness you have. He is friendly, professional and really knows his stuff.
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I have been having PT sessions with Sean for almost a year now. What I love about Sean’s approach to weightlifting is the care for the right posture, vast knowledge of the body dynamics and varied exercises alternatives to suit my preferences better.
Sean is also extremely diligent and focused on my movements during the sessions, always making sure I have the best position as possible and explaining the reasons behind it.
Edward Thompson
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Sean is a highly competent, well qualified excellent personal trainer. His knowledge of his subject is impressive and he is always willing to explore new ideas and learn. Sean quickly adapts his style, information and schedule/ programmes to the needs of his different clients. I notice that he had a broad range of clients of widely differing abilities and needs, and he fits his training to their needs. I highly recommend him.
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Sean was great- set me up my own routine and adjusted my technique. Would recommend
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I have had sessions with Sean for several months now and he is a truly excellent personal trainer. He is patient, motivating and diligent and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a PT.
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I had 6 sessions with Sean as someone who wanted to start some weight training but is totally hopeless at exercise. Sean was very friendly and patient and really offered me the starting point I needed to build some confidence and get going in the weights section. Thank you Sean.
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I have been training with Sean as I wanted to kick start my fitness and particularly strength after recently stopping work. Although I have always been active including running, swimming and cycling I hadn't used a gym since the 80's and never really enjoyed the sweaty cardio approach.
Sean is very professional, empathetic and knowledgeable. His individualised approach and expertise has given me confidence and a real love of free weights and functional training. My strength and balance have rapidly improved and friends have commented on how my posture has improved too.
I have now moved to Spain for a year and although I will miss Sean's expertise his training means I have already joined a new gym and I am confident in using and progressing my training.
Claire White
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My goal was to get confident in the weights section and Sean helped me to achieve that. Now I can go to any gym and know what I’m doing. Thanks Sean!
Laura N
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Really friendly, professional and an expert - motivating and skilled. I'd never been to the gym before but with Sean's coaching guidance, support and training I really started to enjoy it and learn the cores of fitness and gym technique.

Would recommend +++
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I’ve been training with Sean for roughly 4 months now, I enjoy each session and learn something new every time. In this short space of time I have seen massive progress made both mentally and physically. I’ve learnt to love fitness and it’s become a huge part of my life. I would highly recommended Sean, he has great knowledge and is a professional.
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I trained with Sean for over a year to build up my confidence, strength and technique in the gym. Sean makes the sessions fun, knowledgeable and easy to follow. Always a joy to train with and would definitely recommend.
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I've been working with Sean for about six months now, initially three times per week and now just once a week and it has made going to the gym a pleasure. Like others, I thought gyms were not for me. Sean worked out a programme for me that allowed me to make rapid progress and to train on my own. Sean has excellent subject knowledge of exercise and nutrition. His teaching style is ambitious but empathetic.

Wholeheartedly recommended
John Breslin
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I’ve been training with Sean over over 8 months now and I couldn’t recommend him more. Motivating, patient and considerate. Gives such good advice and very informative! I came out of pregnancy a year ago and felt very unconfident and out of shape. Sean has helped me so much with my confidence. I feel stronger after every session so if you are based in south london and are looking for a great PT Sean is your man!
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I've been training with Sean for the past few months, both remotely and in-person, and it has been such a brilliant experience. I have learnt so much and feel I have come a long way in my confidence to tackle different movements on my own, and I have a much better understanding of how I should be structuring my workouts. Prior to working with Sean, I had been training for a few years but felt frustrated with lack of motivation, and was also unsure of the correct way to structure my workouts. In our in-person sessions Sean showed me how to perform correct form, breathing, tempo and workout structure - he has a brilliant understanding of anatomy and recommended to me a variety of support exercises to help prevent injury. In our remote coaching Sean was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, always giving me detailed feedback notes and answered every question I had. The weekly catch-up calls were great too, and helped me stay on track. Overall I feel so much more confident going into the gym, and I am look forward to continuing to work with him!
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I was looking to strengthen and, as a fifty something man, to reverse muscle loss. Sean put me on a superb, well-thought through program which has not only made me stronger over the last five months but also healed old sports injuries. His attention to detail and knowledge of anatomy and posture has kept me free from injury which, for me, would have undoubtedly occurred had I ventured into the gym alone. I couldn’t have hoped for a better PT!
Nick Crowe
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Myself and my housemate did joint sessions with Sean and loved it. He helped build our confidence in weight training. Neither of us had done anything like that before and wouldn't know where to start. He introduced us to a basic routine and showed how we could build on it. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Sean's a great PT, responsive to my needs when building my fitness plan and when deciding the tunes for our workouts in the studio! He knows his stuff and is serious about fitness, but also keeps it fun and pushes you to achieve more when you might otherwise give up. Highly recommend to anyone looking for motivation, inspiration, or a helping hand whatever stage you're at on your fitness journey.
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We did sessions as a pair with Sean as we wanted to do strength training but weren’t sure where to start without injuring ourselves. Sean’s coaching and programme was very complete, not intimidating and fun to do. Sean is very attentive on techniques and after 3 months, we’re confident that we know what to do and how to do it properly.
This was definitely worthwhile.
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Sean has helped me gain strength and improve my cardiovascular fitness. This wasnt an easy task given I have spent the past two decades in an office chair. He has a great eye for detail, which means he identified weak spots and old injuries very quickly, and switched my program around to help these. My 15 yr old painful shoulder has gone, and my knees feel amazing. Thank you Sean!
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Great introductory sessions with Sean. Would definitely recommend!
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Sean is just brilliant. I love the sessions and always look forward to them. Since having them I've felt better in my body, stronger, better posture, and I have more energy in general. I've never seen a PT be so methodological, so attentive, and so clear in their approach. He really tailors the sessions too; I had an issue with my knee. I'd seen physios before, but he introduced some exercises into the routine that have done the most good of anything else I've done for it. I am really grateful for his focus - he watches every motion, gives pointers about technique, and helps me improve. I've had a few PTs here and there in the past, and Sean is by far and away the best I've been fortunate to work with.
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Sean is a top trainer. He helped me progress from a point where I was a complete beginner with no experience to my position now where I have a years training under my belt following a consistent regimen he set up.

He created for me a program that was easy to follow, balanced and pushed me to maximise potential strength and muscle gains. His expertise ensured I did not develop any potential bad habits along the way and set me up with a solid base of knowledge from which to continue. Additionally, he is a generally sound bloke as well, I can't recommend him enough.

If you were looking to get a PT to help get you into a training regimen, or progress with your existing one, then Sean is your man.
Tom B
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Sean is a meticulous trainer with a fabulous, and for me at least, eye watering level of detail. This is way more important than I ever thought and, of course, my form has massively improved. Sean isn't a typical trainer in that he is in no hurry to work you to extreme limits. He wants you to enjoy the work whilst simultaneously progressing. I'm extremely happy with our sessions and conversations about what we are doing, and don't have any reservations about recommending him to others.
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When I started training with Sean, I was an overweight 42 year old with limited strength. Now I am a slightly less overweight 43 year old with a lot more strength! Sean takes the time to understand what the client needs, working around historic injuries etc. If you’re looking for a Trainer to get you when you desire to be, look no further than Sean.
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Sean has been friendly, helpful, encouraging and flexible. He took time to see what sort of regime would suit me and has been very patient in constantly correcting my technique. I signed up for 20 sessions and have just signed up for another 20 sessions - I’m enjoying it!
David Gleave
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Training with Sean is great. Before him gyms were scary places with lots of testosterone and now I have the confidence to walk into any gym and do the workout I want to. I was concerned about injury from doing things wrong but he explains movements well and answers all my incessant questions of why we’re doing certain things. The sessions are fun and he pushes me enough to progress but not so much as to put me off. I have found a new love of lifting weights which I never thought would happen and can already see the positive effects on other sports and within life 💪🏼
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I trained with Sean for a few weeks as I had lost confidence in myself and the gym, due to health reasons and the pandemic.

I explained my health condition to him and he factored this in to how we would train. I appreciated this as I had anxiety about him not being able to understand or relate. My fears never materialised.

He reminded me:

I don't have to do everything all in one go.

I can use smaller weights if needed


I can book him for more lessons. Lol

Whether I slip in and out of exercise, Sean has given me the tools to always get back on track.

My confidence has re-entered, thank you very much Sean.

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Terrific. The best. Accommodates your physical idiosyncrasies, and moulds your programme accordingly. Did wonders for the posture (that Alexander technique couldn't achieve). V personable as well as knowledgeable about this whole body business - including nutrition. [Personal warning: may be inclined to boom Coldplay out of the gym speakers if he knows you don't like them, just because he can. I forgive him.]
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Sean is a suberb PT. Careful, methodical, advancing and changing what is done as you progress (and you will if you work with him). I worked with him to recover from lockdown acquired injuries and loss of strength. I have been a client for 9 months, am stronger now than I ever have been, and could not recommend him more strongly.
Gerome Breen
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Having not stepped foot in a gym for over three years, I was very hesitant indeed to recommence my health kick. Sean was an absolute gem. For the last three months he has crafted a tailored training programme to help me reach my goals, and closely directed me along the way. He is endlessly attentive, focused and passionate. I’m so grateful. Could not recommend him more.
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Sean is just brilliant. I love the sessions and always look forward to them. Since having them I've felt better in my body, stronger, better posture, and I have more energy in general. I've never seen a PT be so methodological, so attentive, and so clear in their approach. He really tailors the sessions too; I had an issue with my knee. I'd seen physios before, but he introduced some exercises into the routine that have done the most good of anything else I've done for it. I am really grateful for his focus - he watches every motion, gives pointers about technique, and helps me improve. I've had a few PTs here and there in the past, and Sean is by far and away the best I've been fortunate to work with.
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Have been training with Sean for a good few months now - he has helped a lot with my knowledge regarding weight lifting as had no idea what I was doing before in the gym. My confidence has grown throughout the sessions and I have been able to practice weight lifting more independently! I have seen a real difference mentally and physically. The sessions are always fun and Sean is very cool and easy to talk to guy. Would recommend him if you were considering PT sessions
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I’ve been training with Sean for the past 6 months and I’m so glad I have! From the past 2 years of lockdowns, not being able to play much sport, and having never done any strength training before, I would normally avoid the weights section but since training with Sean I’ve seen such a positive difference not just physically but mentally too. I’m now much more confident in the weights section and I no longer see it as intimidating and that’s all thanks to Sean. I’ve had 2 severe lower leg injuries during this time (from playing netball) and I’ve been so impressed with how Sean has adapted our workouts so that I still get the most out of them and see progression! Sean is very patient and will always explain things again if I’m unsure, which is a massive confidence booster. Would definitely recommend training with him!
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I am a beginner and Sean has been really patient. He has carefully explained every exercise, and the importance of them. He has also designed a program that suits my personal goals. He's always open to questions and puts every exercise in the program for a reason. So, if you are planning to start training, you should definitely go with him.
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I’ve been training with Sean for about 2 month and it’s been really great for both my physical and mental health. I’ve seen great improvements in my strength and it’s been really good for my motivation. I had always avoided the weights area in the gym but Sean made each session fun and was really knowledgable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a PT !
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I have been training and working out with Sean for over 3 months and continue to do so. His support and guidance regarding my personal training has been good and valuable and helps to motivate me to go and push myself further regarding physical fitness and maintaining good health. I will recommend him to anyone that needs a good Personal Trainer.
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SEAN THE LEGEND! Such a pleasure to train with. He's really helped me gain strength when I had zero strength or gym experience to begin with. He knows a lot of the ins and outs to do with workout and nutrition, which is a huge bonus in helping maintain a routine and staying motivated. I've learnt a lot about my body and how to push it in the best and safest way to gain the most.
I've always lacked confidence going to the gym and felt really intimidated by more experienced gym goes, but I feel like with Sean i'm gaining more and more confidence as we train. 10/10 best PT in South London!
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Sean has been training me for 3 months. I’ve had personal trainers before and Sean is the best I’ve trained with. As I’m in my forties, I’ve picked up a few knocks over the years. Sean modifies the training to make sure I don’t aggravate any injuries and still pushes me to work very hard in the sessions.

Exercise is something that has never come naturally to me, but Sean makes it enjoyable and I am seeing good results.
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Sean has been teaching me boxing from summer to winter and is always motivating. He has helped me learn the basics, build my fitness and start to refine technique. All of his sessions are fun with varied exercises and combinations. Would recommend Sean to anyone wanting to train in boxing whether you’re a beginner or a pro!
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For many years I've put off going to the gym as I had previously found it uninteresting and intimidating not knowing what I was doing.
However, with lockdown, and as I got closer to 30, my stomach had started to slowly encroach on the space between me and the Mrs to the point where I was starting to resemble a window display at Patisserie Valerie.

With that in mind I sought out professional help. Enter Sean. Sean put together a program that has increased my strength, muscle durability, and has already shown visible results within 10 weeks and I have no intension of stopping any time soon.

I firmly believe Sean offers great value for money as I would definitely not be seeing these results if I were going to the gym without this guidance.
Oliver Cain
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Previous injuries and then a pandemic meant that fitness and exercise was something I was starting to really neglect. Often, I was afraid of doing anything strenuous that might make my existing aches and pains worse. The best part of training with Sean, for me, is that he helped me deal with this aversion and fear. Through a well planned, structured set of sessions (I trained 3 times a week over the course of 3 or so months) I’ve improved not only my physical strength but my confidence too. More generally, I have just found myself to be notably happier and more productive on the days I trained with Sean. The programme itself progressed in difficulty, so as to make sure we focussed on the basics (form etc.) at the start.
After month 3 I decided to train solo for a bit to consolidate the stuff I had learnt (something he encouraged me to do). But I will to reach out again when I’m ready for the next step up.

Simply put, Sean helped me really enjoy exercise again and has helped remove the apprehension I had about training in a gym. He is as knowledgeable a he is likeable. I would thoroughly recommend!
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Have trained with Sean for a few months and it's been great. Sean's diligent, adjusts to your needs, knows his stuff and takes the time to explain why you're doing what you are. Also really easy to get on with. Highly recommend! You won't regret it.
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When year of pandemic-enforced work from home saw my size go from cuddly to catastrophic, I turned to Sean to help. When we began our sessions I could pick up a beer or burger with great competence, but lifting anything else was beyond me. Despite my extremely low baseline, Sean listened carefully to my goals (lose weight, gain strength, get fitter) and designed a programme which took me from couch potato to a steadily increasing level of fitness and performance. Sean is great at articulating complex scientific concepts in a way a layman can understand. He's also phenomenally patient with his least coordinated customer (me!), and I've felt a vast improvement in my fitness and general sense of wellbeing since I've been taking his sessions. He's also a very pleasant, positive guy, and we have plenty of laughs. I'm looking forward to resuming training with Sean in 2022. Highly recommended!
Andrew P
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I've had some sessions and a programme made by Sean. He really listened to my needs and goals and has kept in touch all the way. I'd definitely recommend him, a great investment and a lovely guy!
Johnny K
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Sean helped me refine my form and tailored a plan that has set me on the road towards achieving my personal fitness goals. After 8 weeks with his plan, I've already noticed a massive improvement in strength and endurance. Furthermore, he's a great laugh and his easy-going / friendly manner helps build confidence. I'll be booking again in the new year. Highly recommend.
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Sean is the most professional PT I’ve worked with (and I’ve been training for roughly 15 years with various PTs). In fact he’s my first PT who comes armed every week with a clipboard and a plan on what we’re training rather than winging it in the day like past PTs have. Although we only train once a week my strength has consistently grown week on week as we stick to a rigid programme. If you want results then Sean is your man.
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I met Sean at my gym in Herne Hill. After having a quick chat, it was clear he would be the perfect person to build and tailor my routine to help me reengage with personal fitness goals. Over the period of a month, we had 4 great sessions together that really honed in on my specific challenges. Concentrating on form, technique and efficiency, the hypertrophy routine he created has given me confidence in what I am doing once again. I look forward to taking up some more sessions in a few months time to tweak the routine once again and set some new goals. Couldn’t recommend him enough!
Jack Ravenscroft
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I’ve enjoyed my sessions training with Sean, he is very encouraging and focuses on positive outcomes rather than testing limits. It’s my first time training with free weights in the gym and Sean gave me a programme that felt achievable and boosted my confidence. He’s extremely knowledgeable and happy to share his tips and feedback. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
Jane Eames
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I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I did with Sean. I learnt more in 7 sessions with Sean than I have in 5 years of training on my own and trying to learn via YouTube videos. The programme that Sean developed for me was specifically catered towards my goals and existing strength and the progress I have made in such a short time with Sean’s guidance has been phenomenal. Sean has a great friendly and approachable attitude and a fantastic eye for detail when it comes to technique. Previously I always avoided larger compound lifts like deadlifts and squats as I was worried about injuring myself - now these are some of my favourite exercises. I cannot recommend training with Sean highly enough and I will be booking in some further sessions in the foreseeable future.
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I’m really glad to be training under Sean’s guidance. He’s supportive, attentive, and he knows his stuff! Having taken the time to listen to my needs and goals, Sean created a great workout plan, talked me through the science behind it, and ensured that my form and technique would allow me to work out safely and effectively. Most importantly, thanks to Sean, I now head into the gym with a confidence and sense of purpose that’s entirely new to me. Ultimately, your body and your health is the best thing you can invest in, and I’d recommend Sean’s help and expertise without hesitation!
Zack Howarth
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I trained with Sean during the lock down when I couldn't get to a gym in January to April, four months went past too quick, I really saw the benefits week on week.
My weekly schedule was 1, boxing, 1 strength and 2 cardio, a great hour session four times a week with a well structured warm up and post stretching routine. Not one day was the same and I very much enjoyed the coaching and training style given, when returning to the gym after lock down I saw the loss and gains that I had wanted to achieve. The continuous support and encouragement was very much appreciated and helped me get to my goals, even training in all weathers didn't phase me!
Adam Hill
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Ive been training with Sean for around 5 months now. The first 3 months was all body weight and HIIT to get my body and mind in the right place to hit the Gym. These last 2 in the gym i’ve noticed a huge difference. To say my physical and mental health has improved is an understatement. Sean the whole way through has tailor made each workout to my specific needs and really honed in on improving imbalances with my body that I would of overlooked. Every session i leave with a great sense of achievement and my whole attitude is positive. Unlike PTs i’ve had in the past, i feel Seans passion for my goals are as strong as mine which really helped me continue through these 5 months. Im training 5 times a week and before i’d feel it was a real struggle to fit it in to my daily routine, now its so easy with Sean that i haven’t missed a session in 5 months.
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Sean is a great motivator and an extremely knowledgeable and talented personal trainer. I’ve not exercised regularly in a long time and had an existing problem with my back. Sean eased me gently back into a fitness routine and had plenty of ways in which to adapt the exercises which made them work for me without troubling my back. I would highly recommend.
Diana Whitehead
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I have been training with Sean for over a month and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Sean ensures that all workouts are tailored to suit me and ensure that I am pushed to my limits for best results which I have surely seen. I lack confidence alot, but Sean always made me feel comfortable when we meet up for our sessions. He is also very flexible as my work life and family life can sometimes interfer in our booked sessions, so am grateful to him. I will happily recommend him as he is surely the best, I don't have much experience in working with other personal trainer but I I happy that I found Sean. Our workout regime is always a challenge as he provides different workout routine when we meet up 3 days a week and his presence provides motivation which is what I need!
Rachael N
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I came across Sean Fitgerald , personal trainer on Your Neighbourhood, a local community website and was attracted to Sean’s attractive pricing and outdoor training options. I had been using a gym based trainer without any obvious results for several years. I was motivated to recommence training after watching my fitness deteriorate during lockdown.

Sean has a created a varied programme of interval training, resistance training and core strengthening exercises. They are fun park based activities and unlike most trainers, not at all repetitive.

Sean is a meticulous time keeper and record keeper allowing him to monitor progress with ease. There has not been a session where I felt unable to complete the session and leave each hour workout feeling elated and satisfied.

I highly recommend Sean. His pricing is sensible and creative. Always on time and is a thoroughly engaged trainer.

Gregory Peacock
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I’ve been training with Sean for nearly three months now, and have not only seen a massive improvement in my physical fitness, but also in my confidence and my mental health. Working from home for over a year meant I was suffering from a lack of motivation and felt unable to start because of how significantly my fitness had declined. But Sean made me feel completely at ease and comfortable, and always ensured I was being pushed, but still at a pace that was realistic for me. Training with Sean three times a week has been a godsend in the middle of this most recent lockdown and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come with him coaching me. Unlike many trainers, Sean is empathetic and intuitive and completely in sync with the needs of his clients. He’s also taught me to enjoy exercising, and I walk away from every session feeling a massive sense of achievement. A true professional, Sean is one of the best in the business
Tahni Morrison

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