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Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharma
Morden Leisure Centre
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I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer. I enjoy training people at all levels, right from somebody who's never stepped foot in a gym before to people looking to take their fitness to the next level. I believe that every individual has a unique body type and very specific response to different exercises/nutrition plans. I take pride in finding the right programme for people and ensuring that they enjoy it enough to stay committed.

I plan my training programmes so that you successfully achieve your personal target, be it weight loss or body toning. Additionally, upon completion you will also leave with a host of benefits like:

Improved Cardio Respiratory Fitness
Greater Muscle Definition
Increased Core Strength
Better Immunity against Common Ailments
More Muscle Strength and Greater Endurance
Higher Energy Levels and a Healthier Lifestyle
A Complete Set of Skills and Knowledge to Keep Improving Your Fitness
VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Exercise Programming & Coaching (Personal Training)
VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management
VTCT Certificates in:

Group Circuit Training
Functional Training
Behaviour Change Coaching
Core Training
Currently Studying for VTCT Certificates in:

Pre and Postnatal Exercise
Pre and Postnatal nutrition
Level 4 Exercise Referral and Back Pain Management
Weight Loss and Nutrition Planning
Endurance Training
Core Stabilising and Strengthening
Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition
Back Pain Management
Exercise Plans for Improved Muscular Strength
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My husband and I chose Shilpa for our health and fitness journey and I’m glad to say we couldn’t have found a better PT/Nutritionist. Shilpa really goes the extra mile with us, our training is taylor made to our needs and we do different exercises and weight training every training session which is challenging but awakens every muscle and is strengthening us!

My husband and I also requested for a meal plan as we’ve tried different diets but didn’t see any progress. Shilpa’s meal plan is amazing and very delicious. Every meal is packed with varied healthy ingredients and easy to make, after every meal we feel quite full and hardly feel like taking snacks between meals although healthy nutritious snacks are added in the meal plan. I was quite amazed that in just 3 weeks I lost 4kg and feel much better. My husband feels really good too. I have been battling with my weight for years and it’s so exciting to see that with the expert help of Shilpa, I’m finally achieving my goals with combination of training and meal planning, my clothes fit better and I feel more energetic.

Shilpa is very supportive, helpful, friendly and most of all she’s very understanding to our specific fitness needs and goals. This is our second month with Shilpa and we’ve requested to extend our time with her as we can see enormous progress. I would highly recommend Shilpa as a Personal Trainer! Many thanks Shilpa for all your help and support.

Joyce Douglas
Joyce Douglas
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My wife and I have been training with Silpa for the past couple of months and in that few short months we have already seen significant progress in our fitness and weight loss. This is all credit to Shilpa's motivation, encouragement, consistency and determination to see us achieve our goal.

Her meal plan is just a fantastic bonus and has made a huge difference to our overall wellbeing and fitness plan.

Shilpa is a great all round PT and I would whole heartedly recommend her.
Michael Douglas
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Shilpa is an amazing PT that I’ve been training with for over 3 years, with a break in the middle to have a baby. Shilpa has always perfectly tailored her training routines to my specific needs, from a clueless unfit beginner with a history of back issues, to a cautious careful new Mum recovering from a csection, to a more experienced but time-constrained working Mum looking for a challenge. I’ve made great progress with Shilpa, while having a fantastic time every session.

Shilpa genuinely cares about her clients, and puts her heart and soul into working with you. She can provide helpful advice on nutrition and other connected factors that impact your goals, whether that’s weight loss, strength building or anything else.

More recently Shilpa has run joint sessions for my oldest (adolescent) daughter and myself, providing individualised routines that work well in tandem while protecting my daughter’s still developing frame. It’s wonderful to see my daughter also benefiting from Shilpa’s insight and inspiration. We both love her!
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I have been training with Shilpa for two years and I cannot recommend her enough as your PT. Whatever goal you aspire to do-whether it’s short or long term-she always shows so much dedication and determination. Shilpa really cares for each of her clients and tailors individual plan for each person along with nutritional and diverse meal-plans. She has helped, and still is, with my weight loss journey and has shown so much motivation resulting in me losing 10kg in four months completing a 5km running programme and is pushing through a 10km programme from a person who has never showed a single interest in running just few months ago! But whether it is muscle strength or to enhancing your core she really has such a wide level of experience and expertise. ( she also has the most cutest dog! )
Raudah Airaf
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Shilpa is an amazing PT who works with you from your level and is able to drive you along a path of self improvement. Both myself and my wife go to Shilpa and she is by far the best PT either of us have ever had
Mark Mulholland
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I had an incredible experience working with Shilpa. She not only helped me achieve my weight loss goals but also guided my daughter through her fitness journey. Shilpa's personalized workout plans and nutritional advice and meal plan were instrumental in our success. Her enthusiasm and dedication motivated us to stay on track, and her positive attitude made every session enjoyable. Thanks to Shilpa, we've both made significant progress towards a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to transform their fitness journey with expert guidance and support.
Nabila shaikh
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Shilpa is a fantastic motivating PT. She pushes me gently outside my comfort zone, tweaks my session to get the best out of me and at the end I leave having hardly any recollection of the session as I get to focus and stay in zone.

Personality wise Shilpa is encouraging, down to earth and keen to aid clients reach their goals.
Zaline Iqbal
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I had the privilege of working with Shilpa Sharma as my fitness coach, and I must say, it has been an absolutely transformative experience. From the moment I stepped into the gym, her dedication to my goals and well-being was evident.
Shilpa possesses an unparalleled expertise in fitness, tailoring each session to my specific needs and abilities. Her knowledge of different exercise techniques and nutrition guidance has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but has also instilled a sense of confidence in me that I never thought possible.
She pushes me to my limits while ensuring that I remain safe and motivated throughout every workout. Her positive attitude and infectious energy make each session not only productive but also enjoyable.

I cannot express enough gratitude to for her dedication, expertise, and unwavering support on this fitness journey. Thank you for believing in me, pushing me to be my best self, and helping me realize my full potential. With Shilpa guidance, I am not just achieving fitness milestones; I am transforming my life for the better.
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I started training with Shilpa a year ago and I love my weekly sessions. She is the most amazing trainer and caters for everyone’s needs. She’s made me more confident within myself and has helped me achieve my goals. Not only has she got a great personality that keeps you uplifted but she has also became a friend. I would 💯 recommend her ❤️
Nicki Robinson
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I started training with Shilpa just before Christmas and already feel the overall wellbeing effect on my body and soul! Thank you.
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I started training with Shilpa in December last year and already feel the positive effects of it! Always learning something new in each session. Even went from once a week to twice a week training now-:)
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Shilpa is a wonderful personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable, motivating, and listens to your goals to tailor a plan specifically to you whilst making the sessions very enjoyable. In just 5 months (1 session per week), my posture noticeably improved and my back pain disappeared. Highly recommended
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I have been with Shilpa for over three years now. She is brilliant. I love training with her every week!
Jen Donovan
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Shilpa is an amazing PT, highly qualified and knowledgeable! She will motivate you to be the best version of yourself!
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Shilpa is an excellent PT.
She talks through everything with you and helps you achieve your goals.
And also she’s got a great personality.
I would fully recommend Shilpa
Doris Mortimer
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I have been training with Shilpa for almost a year now and am so happy with the results we’ve achieved together! I feel stronger, leaner and more confident in the gym. Every session is super fun and I walk away feeling uplifted every time! Couldn’t reccomend Shilpa as a trainer more ❤️
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Shilpa is a wonderful personal trainer.
She really works hard for you to achieve the goals you’re looking for.
And what makes it better is that she is such a lovely person as well.
I wouldn’t choose anyone else.
Doris Mortimer
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I would highly recommend Shilpa. She provided me with a bespoke training programme - I have achieved all my goals since training with her, in terms of fitness, weight loss and muscle tone/strength. Shilpa has a wide range of knowledge and has given me invaluable advice throughout training.
Helen Elsted
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I have been training with Shilpa for the past 5 months, and it has been an absolute game-changer for me. Her personalised approach to fitness and nutrition has helped me achieve results I never thought possible. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, but she also provides constant motivation and support, making every session enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend Shilpa to anyone looking to transform their health and fitness journey!
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Shilpa is a complete find! She is such a good trainer and a joy to work with. She really cares about each of her clients and tailors every plan to the individual. She goes above and beyond in terms of all round lifestyle from offering excellent nutrition plans to fitness trackers and trainer type recommendations! I love that she understands busy lifestyles and training with her feels like it’s manageable long term. I highly recommend her!
Jane Glasson
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Shilpa is an amazing trainer. Shilpa takes the time and care to understand her clients and their goals. Through Shilpa's skill and expertise, Shilpa will find ways to work around injury's and to work within yourself whilst not compromising on results.
Taidgh Wilson
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I have been training with Shilpa for a year. She has improved my general health and fitness, her training is never boring and we have great fun whilst training one on one. I would definitely recommend her if you are wanting to get fitter and stronger. She specialises in training older adults.
Carol Black

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