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Susan Shaw
Susan Shaw
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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Improve your health and well being, improve your life!
Susan Shaw - Bsc Psychology (Hons), PGCE Education

I am a fitness professional who is passionate about improving all round health and well being through exercise and diet. I don't provide quick fix remedies that are temporary as my aim is to help clients realise that health and fitness is a lifestyle, a lifelong journey.

I will tailor a bespoke programme after an initial consultation which will be based on your fitness requirements. Each programme will track and monitor your progress helping you to achieve your goals. My aim is to educate my clients every step of the way and provide the tools to help achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

I specialise in strength training, gaining muscle, circuit training, nutrition, weight loss, flexibility, posture improvement and core strength. Gaining strength, building muscle, improving mobility, and eating a healthy balanced diet are all beneficial to our independence today and in later life, so make that change today! I look forward to training with you soon.
BSc (Hons) Psychology
PGCE Education
Level 2 Fitness Instructing
Level 2 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
Level 2 Adapting Fitness Instruction for Adolescents
Level 2 Circuit Training
Level 2 Exercise to Music
Level 3 Pilates
Level 3 Personal Training and Instruction
Strength training
Resistance training
Muscle building
Circuit training/HIIT
Core strength
Posture improvement
Weight loss
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Training with Susan has been an invaluable journey from beginning to end. Not only has she helped me build confidence in all aspects of physical training, I’ve also grown in knowledge regarding nutrition, learnt which exercises target specific muscle groups and practiced mindfulness in learning to read my body and its needs.

Susan has helped me build strong foundations that will aid my fitness journey for the foreseeable future. She creates very detailed plans for your workout ahead of time and also adapts them depending on what you tell her as the session begins. She’s always thinking ahead and manages to fit in more than I thought possibly into every hour. Her encouragement keeps you motivated, she always has a contagious positive mindset and is a consistent stickler for excellent form. I couldn’t recommend her enough - it’s been a complete joy.
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Susan is amazing! After my block of sessions I've gained so much knowledge of the machines that I feel confidently workout there independently. I highly recommended Susan's patient and encouraging engery with your fitness journey.
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Susan is a fantastic pt, I would highly recommend her.
I booked a block of 10 sessions with Susan and in that time I’ve gained so much confidence lifting weights and I also feel much more comfortable being in the gym, which before felt quite daunting.
I found Susan’s energy really motivating and it’s really helped me to push myself, with lots of varied and challenging sessions that never get boring.
Not only that but she’s also a wonderful person who made me laugh a lot. I’ve reached a point where I feel confident training alone but will miss these sessions!
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Susan is an excellent PT. I would highly recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, creative and encouraging. Nothing is too much trouble to discuss and she is able to quickly adapt sessions based on changing needs. I learned a huge amount from Susan and built my confidence to use all areas of the gym including free weights and equipment that I would not have even looked at before. After a block of sessions I feel able to continue independently however part of me is looking for a reason to book in again with Susan because she is just SO good. She’s a wonderful human being too, emotionally intelligent , and she made me laugh a lot.
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Susan is an incredible trainer, I am most grateful for her efforts in assisting with my fitness goals of regular exercise. Having achieved 18kg weight loss, alongside sustainable nutritional advice, she has provided psychological support and tailored targeted exercise sessions. It's been an honour, with many thanks.
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Susan helped me to achieve my goals by designing personalised training sessions tailored to my fitness needs. She's awesome, the training sessions are challenging but fun and are really varied.

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