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Tanya Quinn
Tanya Quinn
Carnoustie Sports Centre
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I have been personal training in Carnoustie Leisure Centre for over a year now. I am actively helping people achieve their health fitness and wellbeing goals by being passionate and creating an affordable and inclusive environment for everyone.

I am a CIMSPA qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and currently studying fitness, nutrition and health at Abertay University. This is allowing me to give all my clients the best knowledge and advice.

I offer a range of sessions including 1-2-1 and group personal training, fitness classes as well as online coaching.

I look forward to helping all my clients achieve their goals and grow in confidence.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Coach
Circuit Class
HND Health, Fitness and Exercise
Online and Outdoor Fitness Classes
Nutritional Advice
Weight Loss
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Despite having two non-related health issues, Tanya has managed to provide me with tailored programmes, which are fun to work on. As a bonus, I see improvements all the time and cannot wait until my next session.
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Despite having two non-related health issues, Tanya has managed to set up two fun yet challenging classes for me. I can see and feel improvements every week and always look forward to my next class.
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As a short, aging, overweight woman, with absolutely no experience working out, the thought of entering a gym was very intimidating. But having seen Tanyas poster in the reception area of Carnoustie Sports Centre I decided to take the plunge and do something about my very low fitness level. Tanya was friendly and put me at ease quickly, making me feel comfortable in an environment I had dreaded entering for so long. At no time has she made me feel awkward about my inabilities or unworthy of sharing the gym with all of the more experienced and fitter gym members. She pitches the level of exercise just right, taking into account the ailments I have. However, while she never expects too much of me, she still manages to push me further than I think I can go , making her PT sessions very effective. If you've been giving PT some consideration but haven't yet taken the plunge, don't wait any longer. Tanya will make you glad you did and get you on the road to fitness, making it way less scary than you think.
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Well where do I start I can't praise Tanya enough. I started of in January on a ten week programme with Tanya, the thought of being in a gym to me was a treadmill and an exercise bike, well let's say from day 1 when I realised at 58 I would be lifting weights was a complete shock. I needn't have feared as Tanya is so passionate about her personal training that she supported me through my fears and let me see that everything is possible. The confidence that I have since meeting Tanya has come on so much, I even wear shorts in public now 😄. I am still on my journey and absolutely loving it. If anyone wants a truly supportive PT speak to Tanya. 💪💪
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I’ve been working with Tanya for a couple of months. I wanted to try some strength work but was intimidated about going to the gym & didn’t have a clue what all the machines were for. I meet up with Tanya once a week and she guides me through either free weights or using the machines. I now go into the gym and feel confident setting up the machines and doing my personalised workout. Very happy with my progress under Tanya and would recommend - she is very patient but makes sure you have an effective workout!
Kay Craig
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After I saw a picture of me I was pretty ashamed of myself. I hadn't realised the bad shape I had allowed myself to get in. I'm not going to use horrible words like fat etc. The reason I was so ashamed is because I feel like I let myself down but most importantly my family.

My depression became worse than ever, I talked to my wife and she said loads of nice things but was also very honest in saying I can change it all with some effort

At the time Tanya was in early stages of developing @tqhealthfitnessandwellbeing but she has been training me and guiding my eating habits too.

I'm not finished yet and to say it's been hard work doesn't quite capture it but......I'm doing this post to shout out and recommend how amazing @tqhealthfitnessandwellbeing is. With her guidance and workout plans I've gotten into the best shape of my life, I have loads of energy and most importantly my mental health has improved massively.

If anyone out there is looking for a personal trainer or is unsure about how to start working out I can't recommend Tanya enough. She listened to me and she catered a workout plan to match what I need and she is able to come up with exercises that I enjoy.
Francis Quinn
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I see Tanya for 1-2-1 PT sessions, and shes fantastic. I have a bad back so she has created a plan that works for me but still effective. Another 6lbs down! Thank you Tanya :-)
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The classes that Tanya's runs are amazing, they are tailored to everyone. I have been doing her online classes as with having kids, work etc find it had to get out and do them, but her online classes means I get to do it in my own home. Would recommend anyone to come and give her classes a go you will be back every week. 5 stars all round
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Tanya's sessions are fun and effective. She knows when to push us and keeps us motivated. It's great feeling stronger and seeing the physical results. Always feel good after her classes.
Debbie Jewson
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I'm a fairly new start to Tanya's outdoor classes. From the start I found Tanya very friendly and professional. Her classes are fun and suitable for all levels.

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