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Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan
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Hi, I’m Tariq!, After 15 years of the 9 to 5 grind, I decided to swap my briefcase for the barbell. Trained at the internationally acclaimed YMCA Institute, I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

As a sufferer of asthma I know first-hand about tackling obstacles that can get in the way of training. Is your obstacle health-related or simply a lack of motivation?

Either way, I can work with you to provide tailored workouts for you and your lifestyle.

My approach is adaptable, whether you are someone who wants to be pushed to their limit, or someone who has just started out in the gym.

When I’m training I focus on strength training, circuit/HITT training and hill running, if any of these areas are of interest to you, I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and skill sets with you.

Come and have a chat with me!
YMCA Level 3 Advance PT
YMCAfit Pad Work (Boxing)
YMCAfit High Intensity Training
YMCAfit Pad work for Pts
YMCA First Aid Certificate
YMCAfit Suspension Fitness
YMCAfit Circuit Training
Level 4 Specialist Qualification In Exercise For Long-Term Neurological Conditions
Level 3 GP Exercise Referal
Level 4 Advance Personal Trainer Specialising In Working With Clients Living With Long Term Neurological Conditions
Strength & Resistance Training
Cardio & General Fitness
Posture Management
Nutritional Assessments and Advice
Sports Massage
GP Exercise Referral
Training People Living With Long Term Neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy And Parkinson's Disease.
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I was a long-time gym goer but felt I was getting anything out of my workouts, but a few months with Tariq and he taught me correct techniques, better exercises, breathing etc. In a very short amount of time, my general fitness has really improved, I'm feeling huge benefits after every workout and my motivation and confidence in the gym have gone up massively. Plus Tariq is a really nice guy and knows how to push you to do your best without ever being mean. Highly recommended.
Richard Butler
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I started training with Tariq on a weekly basis 4 months ago. Before our sessions my exercise mainly consisted of a lot of walking and I wasn’t really a fan of the gym as I didn’t know what to do. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to them each week. The variety of what we do has been great. He’s friendly and calm (thankfully no military style shouting!) but knows when he needs to push you. I’m now also much more confident going to the gym in between our sessions and using different machines; and it’s great accountability telling him what I’ve been up to each week.
Clair Hilder
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I’ve been training with Tariq for 5 months now. He has a very calm and measured demeanour which is perfect for maintaining focus and working in a methodical manner. I’ve started to see really good results. I’ve lost 13kg and am seeing my body become more toned. Tariq is responsive outside our slots and has also been really helpful in giving me programs for when I’m travelling so I don’t lose momentum. Best of all, I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to seeing him and that’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed going to the gym!
Pete Chapman
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Tariq is a great PT who is able to push you that little bit further while also being aware of your health and well-being. He is able to tailor the workout to your needs, and the sessions are always exciting as new exercises are constantly being incorporated. Always a great workout with Tariq!
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Superb session. Really learnt a lot about myself!
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Had my first induction session with Tariq PT.
I'm in my 60s and I found his style of training both motivational and inspiring... even though I'm a regular gym goer. I felt I needed to adopt a better routine... I have been complacent in my work outs... I suffer from asthma and have had a hip replaced he took my profile in to was tough but the benifits are far more rewarding than just being in cruise mode... I picked up some valuable training and will now adjust my routine.
Thanks Tariq.
Alagu Meyyappan
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Tariq is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares for his clients' well-being.

As I suffer from hip and knee injuries it is great to train with Tariq as he helps me to achieve my strengthening goals in the right way.

Every session is unique and dynamic. The training is always encouraging and rewarding as he is very passionate about what he is doing and always motivates me to reach the best of my potential.
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Tariq works in a very professional way. He contributed a lot to me reaching my goals. As a naturally skinny person, I managed to gain close to 10kg in 6 months (essentially muscles). He pushed me to the limit while being extremely careful to avoid injuries. I feel like he is very good at adapting his training for client, depending on the needs of his different customers. My fitness routine got more exciting with him as I discovered many new exercises and ways of training. On top of that, he also is a great person, so I definitely recommend him.
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Tariq is a great person who tailors workouts to individuals which really impressed me, He kept me highly motivated and encouraged me to push myself that little bit further.
I would totally recommend him as a personal trainer.
Amanda Cartwright
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"I came to Tariq feeling intimidated by the gym and through his patience, clear guidance and good humour
I learnt to love it.
Tariq is great at understanding what a client needs and tailoring his approach to them, and he very quickly worked out what would motivate me. He's fun and supportive and I couldn't recommend him highly enough".
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“I am in my sixties and came to Tariq looking for a trainer who would be both patient and motivational and I was not disappointed. I have been training with Tariq for about a year now. He has been an excellent trainer and my strength and stamina have improved enormously. My posture is much better and I feel much more energetic. Tariq introduces new moves and exercises into every session. He also has an engaging personality and great sense of humour which makes the hour fly by. I can give a very strong recommendation indeed for Tariq”
David McPhail
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Great PT who understands a person's abilities and pushes them on. And also a thoroughly nice chap.
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Tariq is an excellent Personal Trainer with special skills and experience for training people with neurological disorders. I appreciate this very much as somebody with multiple sclerosis. He is patient and friendly.
Fran Hazelton
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Great PT

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