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Tina Holland
Tina Holland
Mountbatten Leisure Centre
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I’m a mum of two and a competitive bodybuilder for the past couple of decades which has included competing in national competitions as well as competing in marathons with a best time of 3hrs 24mins. This year I’m planning to compete again in the women's physique bodybuilding class.

The coaching I provide comes from my own journey of struggling to live in a busy world, working, keeping fit, losing weight and getting in shape. I’m here to support you in your journey and will make sure you achieve your goals and help you balance your fitness plans around competing pressures.

I offer group classes, 1 on 1 personal training both from a location of your choice or from the Mountbatten Sports Centre and on Saturday mornings I run a boot camp in Portsmouth for those clients that like an additional challenge!! hsd I'll help and support managing your diet, training and support making lifestyle changes.

I am a qualified menopause coach and work with many women to help navigate through what can be a very challenging period in their lives, something that I have personally experienced!

For those clients that would like to show their results and transformation, I offer professional fitness photoshoots, either as a one off or as part of my '12 Week Transformation' package.
Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training
Anatomy & Physiology For Exercise & Health
Activity Programme Nutrition
Fitness Equipment Health & Safety
Personal Training Planning
Health, Safety & Welfare in a Fitness Environment
Planning & Instructing Gym-Based Exercise
Certified Menopause Coach
Body Building Competition Preparation
High Intensity Training
Muscle Gain
Fat Loss & Toning
1-2-1 & Group Sessions
Body Transformation Coach
Nutrition Planning
9 Reviews 9 out of 9
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I’ve engaged with Tina to push me right out of my comfort zone as I had
plateaued with my training and got into a rut. She’s giving me that push and
encouragement I need.
I’ve come to Tina with a good working knowledge of training but I also see her
training newcomers to the gym environment of all ages.
The gym floor can be an intimating space even for experienced users. Tina is so
friendly and welcoming, she puts you at ease straight away if it’s using free
weights or cable machines.
Her knowledge and love of nutrition and fitness is inspirational and contagious.
I’ve improved my form, lost weight and gained muscle and in just a month my
attitude and physique is unrecognisable.
To top it all off she’s a really good laugh and the time just flies. Tina is an
absolute belter of a human being who I’m proud to call a friend. Book today,
don’t put it off, I wish I’d done it a y
Lorraine D
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Tina’s motivational skills are amazing! She works extremely hard to encourage
people like me, a 67 year old male, to attain the heights she recognises in us.
“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
Every time you think you’ve done your best Tina lets you know you still can
achieve more. Her knowledge as a personal trainer, as well as all other areas
she excels in, including nutrition, mental health, menopause, etc., allows
someone like me, and others I’ve watched her train, improve our fitness and
Tina Holland has given me confidence in myself whilst encouraging me to get
fit through exercise session with her as my personal trainer. Tina does all of this
with a smile on her face and a great sense of humour
Martin N
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Since starting training with Tina I have found my motivation has really
improved. She understands the needs of women, especially those in
menopause and beyond. Importantly, she makes training fun
Emma W
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I have only been having PTs for around 2 months and Tina has made me feel so
much better about myself. She is so lovely and friendly and always makes time
for me. Tina knows exactly what she is doing and always makes sure I get the
most from my PT sessions. She has helped me with my food and is always there
if I need to check something or have any questions. I wouldn’t want anyone else
to PT me and have built a really good bond with Tina. Always laughing and
making the most out of our sessions. Definitely recommend Tina x
Megan K
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Tina, from the very first PT session I had with her, has been an inspiration to
me. Not only does she know her craft very well , she demonstrates this with
her guidance, support and encouragement for me to be the best I can. Her
knowledge of fitness and nutrition is amazing.
She pushes me, every session, knowing I can do it, even when I think I can’t. I
love her engaging manner and she’s brought the love of the gym back to me
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I have been having regular PT sessions with Tina for the past two months. My
initial reason was to get fit but I didn’t know how the equipment in the gym
worked and I had always been wary of weights. Tina has been terrific in
explaining the equipment best for my use and how to use it. Her training has in
fact improved a knee issue I have been nursing for over 30 years. I look forward
to my sessions with Tina and apart from having a giggle, she really knows what
she is talking about and always qualifies anything she says. I never thought I
would walk into a gym with the confidence Tina has given me. Tina has also
advised on eating and how this relates to working out. I wouldn’t hesitate to
recommend Tina xx
Diane B
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Having worked with Tina I can say hand on heart she is the most dedicated,
supportive and hard working trainer I have met.
Total girls girl.. she’ll definitely have your back and has the knowledge to help
you reach your goals.
Michelle L
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Tina is a fantastic PT and very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly and
knows her stuff. I’d highly recommend her if your looking for a professional
who knows her stuff
Mary S
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Tina is an amazing PT . I have been training with her about 9 months . She has
a vast knowledge and passion about fitness and health. She has been a
godsend with giving advice about menopause and how it affects the body, what
exercise to do and recommends supplements.
While training she makes sure you use the right techniques to prevent injury
All her programs are person centred ,around the individual needs . She
understood I wasn’t just training to get fit. but to help with my mental health.
She builds a strong relationship with her clients; for example she knows when
my mood is low and I need extra encouragement to train.
Tina is a great listener, offers guidance and always managers to make me laugh
during my sessions
Nicola T

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