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Tom Cassidy-Rowe
Tom Cassidy-Rowe
Britannia Leisure Centre
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Are You Ready to Change Your Lifestyle with Tom - Your Dedicated Personal Trainer

I'm here to guide you beyond mere physical fitness, focusing on making you feel great, confident, and empowered. Whether you're aiming to lose weight and tone up, build strength and muscle, run faster or longer, or to transform your overall well-being, having a supportive guide can make all the difference.

As a specialist in Nutrition and Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, and Running, I bring a holistic approach to your fitness journey. Together, we'll not only overcome challenges but also understand the hurdles you've faced previously.

We'll work on changing your mindset towards physical activity, turning exercise into a habit, and creating long-lasting results. I am also committed to guiding you through the confusing world of food, dispelling misconceptions, and helping you make informed choices. Let's not just transform your body but create a lifestyle that enhances every aspect of your well-being.

Begin your transformative journey with a FREE, no-obligation consultation and training session. Contact me today, and let's explore the incredible possibilities awaiting you.
Level 3 - Personal Training
Level 3 - Nutrition and Weight Management
Level 2 - Gym Instructor
Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness - Fundamentals and Advanced Course
Strength and Conditioning
Nutrition and Weight Management
Boxing for Fitness
Strength Training for Runners
Functional Training
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When I started, I was looking to improve my overall health, tone up, and build muscle. A key goal for me was to alleviate my knee pain by improving strength and stability. I felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to reach my goals. With Tom’s guidance, I've found a clear path and feel much more confident in my fitness routine.

Since beginning our training sessions, I've noticed significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and flexibility. My knee pain has improved substantially, and I recently completed a long hike with no discomfort at all. My clothes feel looser in certain areas, I feel I have gained muscle, and I'm in a good routine with gym. These have boosted my mental health too.

I appreciate that Tom always tailor the workouts to my needs and capabilities, I like especially that he asks how I am feeling that day to ensure your session is best suited for me, on that day. Tom’s positive attitude and encouragement make every session enjoyable and something I look forward to.

I would highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer because of his expertise, dedication, and genuine care for his clients.
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I had lost my confidence in going to the gym, mainly down to my lack of knowledge of how to optimise my gym session and a recent running injury so my main aim was to get some inspiration and professional expertise for a workout plan with a longer term goal of weight loss.

Since starting training with Tom I now feel confident going to the gym and classes, I have the tools and knowledge to get the best out of these sessions and I'm now back running 5k-10ks which I hadn't done in over a year which has given me a big confidence boost and happier mindset.

I've enjoyed learning about strength training and developing my knowledge across a diverse range of sessions that I can take away with me.

I'd recommend Tom as he listens to your goals, across our sessions he made me feel really comfortable and tailored fun and enjoyable sessions suited to my needs.
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Getting back in shape after pregnancy seemed like a monumental task. A year of solo workouts and various classes yielded minimal results, leaving me frustrated.

From the beginning, Tom listened to my goals and understood the unique challenges of a working Mum. He designed efficient workouts that fit my busy schedule.

Thanks to Tom, I've toned up significantly, but the impact goes beyond aesthetics. Tom has helped me to feel empowered and confident. I liked Tom's holistic approach: he understands that fitness is just one piece of the puzzle and he tailors each session to your fitness level and energy, making every workout challenging yet achievable.

If you are seeking a supportive trainer, look no further than Tom! He'll help you feel empowered and confident, not just fit.
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Having taken a long time away from fitness and been putting off the gym for years, it was great how quickly working with Tom settled me into a routine I look forward to.

The programme designed by Tom was well crafted in terms of the goals I had stated, which varies and progresses over time as appropriate.

Tom's friendliness makes it easy to regularly want to keep to the sessions which has brought me further to my goals.
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Tom is very clam cool and collected, my 1st PT session with him was great I come away feeling happy and positive in myself. Definitely would recommend if you want to smash your goal's!! 5*
Thank you xx
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I started seeing Tom after quite a big hiatus from my fitness journey and I cannot recommend or thank him enough. Tom helped me find the motivation and enjoyment in training and helped to instil a confidence in myself and my abilities in the gym. Tom has a deep knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing and he is genuinely interested in his client’s wellbeing. His friendly demeanour and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals creates a supportive environment and I honestly look forward to our training sessions every week!
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Tom has been amazing in helping me navigate my fitness journey especially when it comes to the correct food and nutrition. He is kind and compassionate, answering all my questions in a helpful and constructive manner.
Milly Fullwood
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Tom has been very helpful and motivating, giving my personal fitness journey just the kick start it needed. It was very helpful having him guide me through the machines, showing me how to use them. He also gave me a program that was just right for getting me started on the road to fitness.
Lesley Ambler
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Tom is an amazing personal trainer!
In our first consultation he asked me what I was looking for and what my goal was. I can honestly say he has really strived to assist me with my goals and helping me with my confidence in the gym as well as outside the gym.
Tom has also helped me with how to use the equipment in the gym effectively and their uses. Also with my form and positioning in order not to injure myself. While also really tracking my progress in the gym and in my nutritional diet so I can to improve and escalate my fitness journey.
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Training with Tom is great. From the very first session, Tom identified my primary fitness needs and created a personalised program that aligned with my abilities and goals.

Tom’s approach focuses on working on a robust fitness foundation, emphasising the right technique in every exercise to maximise effectiveness and ensure a consistent and noticeable progression.

Since I started training with Tom, I have been able to experience significant improvements in my fitness skills. His guidance has been what I needed to take that extra step toward my fitness goals.
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Tom has been an incredible personal trainer. He kickstarted my gym routine, improved my strength, and boosted my confidence. Thanks to him, I look and feel better. Tom's tailored, varied sessions made the experience enjoyable and relaxed, yet focused when needed. His nutrition advice was also a game-changer for my diet. Highly recommended!
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Starting to work with Tom has been a highlight of my past year. He’s a fantastic trainer, who turned me from avoiding the gym to actually making it into one of the favourite aspects of my routine, carefully reflecting on what I was looking for, designing a programme around it, and dynamically reacting to what I needed on training days. More importantly, Tom is a fun and extremely motivating person to work with - more often than not, I arrived to our Monday morning or Friday afternoon sessions stressed or with a hundred things on my mind and always left re-energised and with greater clarity. His open and humorous style make sessions great fun - without letting you off the hook on your reps (just make sure to also count them yourself, or else he may trick you into doing 2-3 more)
Fabian Apel
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I have been training with Tom for the past few months, and it's been simply incredible. Before starting with him, I was feeling weak and having gone to various gyms in the past, it was all very daunting. Tom has given me the confidence and the motivation to keep going. He is very supportive and insightful. Chatting about my goals at the start and already seeing the results is something I wouldn't have thought was possible. He's a good lad too!
Duncan Craig
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Working with you over the past two months has been an incredible experience. Your expertise and tailored approach made my fitness journey not only achievable but truly enjoyable. I started at 77.5 kg, feeling uncertain about my abilities and goals. However, your unwavering support and personalised training programs enabled me to drop to 72 kg, a feat I hadn’t thought possible in such a short time. More than the weight loss, the boost in my strength and overall confidence has been remarkable. Each session with you is a blend of challenge and encouragement, pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could reach. I’m not just lighter; I’m stronger and more empowered. Thanks for being not just a trainer but a source of constant motivation.
Mounir Ghaout
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Working with Tom has been a fantastic experience. He is knowledgeable, highly personable, and takes a holistic approach to your health - understanding your requirements, and taking a keen interest in your wider life (work, sleep, diet etc.) to help you improve your health - in addition to the exercise element. Overall a great guy, professional and highly recommended.
Daniel Bloch
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I needed a personal trainer to kick start my gym routine again, improve my strength and give me confidence in the gym. Working with Tom the last 3 months has done just that and I am very pleased with the results! I look better, feel good and have visited other gyms and used the equipment with ease. Tom tailored the sessions to my needs and kept them varied. I found the sessions to be enjoyable and relaxed yet focused when required. The additional advice on nutrition also helped me make key changes to my diet with positive results. Thanks Tom!
Ryan Quelch
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I have worked with Tom weekly for half a year. He has helped greatly with improving my fitness and weight lifting techniques. He is warm, affable and reliable. I am sorry we can no longer continue our sessions and would resume then again given the opportunity.
Adam Buckley
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Tom is an exceptional personal trainer! I really enjoyed every minute working with him. He listened with curiosity when I said what I needed, and planned a series of workouts that made me get stronger, while explaining clearly and simply how they were helping me. He also made it really fun, and I came to enjoy our chats as much as the exercise. He even got me loving the landmine press! I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Paul Hamilos
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As someone who often struggles to embed habits and work towards longer term goals, it’s been fantastic having Tom to support me on my fitness journey over the last year. He’s incredibly professional and knowledgeable, taking the time to understand my goals as well as figure out with me the most enjoyable way for me to train so that I have been able to maintain momentum long term. This has meant I’ve been able to confidently implement his training and plans over the long term to achieve the kinds of results I’ve been trying to get for years. Not only have I got Tom’s expertise to thank for my new-found enjoyment and successes in the Gym, but also his friendly and personable demeanour which makes our sessions together something I look forward to week after week. Thanks for all your help and support so far Tom!
Jorin Terrasse
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I’ve hugely enjoyed working with Tom – I’ve seen and felt real progress over the time we trained together and now feel far more confident in the gym as a result. Our sessions were always really well tailored to my needs and interests, as well as being really enjoyable. Tom explains things in a way that is easy to understand – even for those who haven’t been going to the gym for years – and designed my programme to always be interesting, challenging and fun.
Ryan Hopkins

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