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Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
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Hey, I’m Tom. You can usually find me lifting heavy things in the gym, out on the water with my kite or surfboard, behind my camera lens or in the kitchen cooking food I love.

Over the past decade, I have lived, worked and travelled across 4 different continents, but the one thing that remained consistent, was my enthusiasm for health and fitness. This is what led me to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I truly believe all your time spent in the gym should benefit everything you do outside of one.

I have over 15 years training experience in a gym, 3 years experience as a Qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and I am currently studying for a MSc in Nutrition to become a Registered Nutritionist.

Alongside BH Live, I also work out of the Sandbanks Yacht Club Gym and provide online Nutrition Coaching and training plans. My job is to use my experience and knowledge to inspire, support and guide you to embrace a healthy and most importantly, happy way of living.

So whether you’re looking to improve fitness levels, boost your confidence, develop healthier eating habits or simply to switch off from the stresses of life, I will help you get there. My focus is on strength and mobility training, functional fitness, nutrition coaching and sports nutrition to build healthy habits for sustainable health.
Level 3 in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training
Level 4 Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
Certificate in Personalised Sports Nutrition
Strength Training & Weight Management
Nutrition Coaching
Functional Fitness
Flexibility & Mobility
Sports Conditioning
8 Reviews 8 out of 8
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"What can I say about Tom that hasn’t already been said? Reading the reviews I realise just how fortunate I was to find this personal Trainer. I have been going to various gyms now on and off for the last 16 years. In that time I have had various PT’s all good in their own way. But with Tom I found someone who is genuinely interested in me and my goals. And I have to say he is a really good guy who is easy to get on with and someone I consider to be a friend. I had some specific goals in 2022, I had booked a trip of a lifetime, the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu Peru.
I also foolishly signed up for a 100k walk the month before my trip. I had never done anything like this before. Tom worked with me and gave me a workout routine that was constantly changing and challenging. Each week I did not know what to expect but he pushed me to my limits each time. I quickly saw improvements in my flexibility, strength and stamina. In September I completed 57k of the 100k walk. If it wasn’t for foot blisters I would have finished the 100k. I was strong in both mind and body. In October this year I completed the 4 day hike that is the Inca Trail.
It is the toughest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. Tom was a huge part in making me get there. I have now gone from one session a week to two. I can see and feel the health benefits but the biggest thing for me is my mental health. I feel strong in mind and body.
I highly recommend Tom for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing."
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"I have been working out with Tom for roughly 15 months and my physique and attitude to exercise has completely changed for the better! About 7 years ago, I lost roughly 5 stone as a teenager through cardio and running with no strength training. For the following years, I went through several large jumps and dips in my weight and really had to fight to even just maintain my weight. As someone who is a massive foodie, I knew I couldn't keep fighting with these huge weight fluctuations and as a 2022 new years resolution, I told myself I would finally get into strength and conditioning but as a young female, the weights section of the gym was always super intimidating. I reached out to Tom, we had a consultation and got started on building my initial foundation of strength. If there is one piece of advice I would give to anyone starting with strength and conditioning, it would be persevere, it’s worth the effort!! Those first few sessions were very humbling especially as I always thought of myself as someone with relatively good cardiovascular fitness but Tom was incredibly encouraging right from the start. Over those initial 3 months, Tom helped build my confidence in strength training (and my actual strength of course). I now no longer think twice about going into the weights room and train by myself multiple times a week. I truly believe I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this without the training sessions with Tom. Our sessions are kept interesting and Tom is able to sense when I'm getting bored with a current workout split and is able to pivot e.g. moving from focusing on squat, deadlift and bench to athletic and mobility training (I even hit my first pull-ups and pistol squat!!). We’ve even had some sessions outside by the beach in the gorgeous Bournemouth weather.
Overall, I am now the leanest I’ve ever been and have now managed to reach and maintain my lowest weight in my adult life all thanks to Tom. He is a great personal trainer, sets realistic, sustainable goals and is all round a great guy. I look forward to our sessions every week!
If you’re looking for a PT, look no further!!"
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Tom in my opinion is the best PT out there. After using many fitness instructors over the years and training in lots of different gyms in London and in Dorset I found that I was physically fit and strong but overweight and I didn't like the shape of my body.
I met Tom in my current gym and we spoke about physical fitness and my nutritional interests. Tom arranged an initial chat to discuss my goals and what I would like to achieve this year and my future plans for my fitness journey. He is the first person I have spoken to in many years who actually listened to what I had to say and gave me the correct advice for my personal requirements.
The most important point I make here is this. TOM GAVE ME A REALISTIC PLAN THAT I CAN WORK WITH EASILY TO REACH MY GOALS!!!
With this in mind I now have after Toms help an excellent plan to help me achieve my goals. 3 months ago we agreed on a plan based on my gym activities/eating habits and weight goals. I put this plan into action and agreed I would lose 3 stone in around 8 months which I am very comfortable with. After only three months I am 2 stone down which means I only have another 5 months to lose another stone which I could not be more than happy with.
If anybody is interested in improving their health and strength as well as their eating habits and overall general fitness Tom is the person to speak to. I could not recommend him more.
Richard Wiggins
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Highly recommend Tom as your PT! He is very professional and patient and an exceptionally fun PT! After three months of training I found it very helpful! See you soon!!! :)
Dora Yu
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I have been working with Tom now for about 9 months. I must say I regard him more as a friend than just a Personal Trainer.
I look forward to every session, I never know what to expect which definitely makes things more interesting. He will always put me through my paces constantly testing my limits !
The results can be clearly seen …. my strength, flexibility and fitness have all increased more than I could ever have expected ! Plus I don’t think I’ve ever felt better, not just physically but mentally and spiritually too
Who says the perfect PT doesn’t exist ?…..well I’ve definitely found him !!!
Bernie Wilkins
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Everyone should have a Personal trainer like Tom in their life’s. He really listens to what you would like to achieve with passion and true professionalism. I lacked motivation and could not even touch my toes before I met Tom, after only a few sessions I started to see the change. I enjoyed my training sessions so much, gaining strength, flexibility, confidence and nutrition advice also. I will definitely be booking more training sessions for the future. Thank you, you are the best.
Susanna Clarke
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SeeChange has really made a positive impact on my lifestyle and wellbeing. Following a big change to my own exercise patterns, I needed that extra bit of help to make sure I was eating well to support the changes I’d made. Tom is very knowledgable and our consultations never felt rushed. I learnt lots and with Tom’s guidance made some seemingly small changes to my lifestyle that have made big changes to my overall wellbeing. Tom also has some great recipes which are really easy to follow, whatever your level of cooking. Highly recommend!
Matthew Clarke
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I really appreciate Tom's training and nutritional coaching. He makes me look forward to his fun and adaptive training style. He is the type of trainer I would delay moving from the area, to keep him as a trainer- he is that good!

I had a Brainstem Stroke-which really affected my muscles and balance. Things I love about his training is: involved, inspiring, willingly, happy, adaptive and a good listener to my whining :-).

I particularly like his ability to adapt the routine to my current abilities.

As for the nutrition coaching, he has really opened my mind about thinking of food choices. I had a 'one track mind'. I actually think of some foods are not the enemy, pity it is not cake though. I admire the fact that he treats you like a human and feel comfortable to tell him you had a donut or a banana :-).

He really makes me feel comfortable, although I do feel self conscious at times. I even upped my sessions. I am heading towards the end of my third month and have zero intentions of stopping.

I have had four trainers before him, and I would honestly recommend him!

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