Trey Akintemi
Trey Akintemi
The Eltham Centre
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Hi I’m Trey,

I am a health and fitness professional based in London, UK.

From as young as I can remember, I have been interested in fitness, from doing athletics as well as other various sports at school.

In 2012, I started taking weight training more seriously, hitting the gym 5 days a week, prioritising protein in my diet & focusing on strength and conditioning.

I qualified in 2015 as a Fitness professional in order to gain further knowledge and help others reach their fitness goals.
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2/3 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Group Training
Level 3 Strength and Conditioning
Spin Certified
Kettlebell Certified
Weight loss
Strength and conditioning
Strength and endurance
Muscle growth
Muscle toning
Online training
Group training
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Trey has been very thorough and intentional in helping me on my journey.
From meal prep knowledge to tailored training specific for my goals, he has offered me only premium service.
He’s good fun, and brilliant at motivating me to get through the workouts.
I started seeing results after just 4 sessions completed in 2 weeks.
I feel stronger mentally not just physically which is a great bonus.
I now have a good routine to my week thanks to my morning sessions with Trey.
Im super excited for the next few weeks since I feel great now and I’ve just started my fitness journey.
I absolutely recommend, his service is worth every penny. Hire him now!
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I've just started training with Trey after losing a significant amount of weight and losing muscle along with a lot of timber :) . I explained my goals are to gain lean muscle, strength and tone. I've always been too embarassed to have a PT but Trey is v approachable and friendly and I'm enjoying going to the gym now which is a definite win. My sessions are challenging and fun and he is great at adapting an exercise to make it more manageable for you - but always pushing you to achieve more. The encouragement to succeed is v motivating. I feel stronger physically and mentally after just 2 sessions and am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve after my block of 8 finishes. Exercises I thought I'd been doing correctly are so much more beneficial now he has corrected my form and posture. I also like that he promotes a holistic approach so will talk to you about nutrition too so you're fuelling your training properly. All in all a great guy and a knowledgeable trainer.
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I met Trey through an enquiry at the gym as i was planning to return to the gym after 20 years - not that I did much in that time before the 20 yrs. But this time, I wanted to do it properly and knew I could do with some support. It has only been 2 weeks and I’m loving it - pain and all. Trey is warm and empathic. His warmth and encouraging support has gone a long way in me trusting him with my fitness. He also pushes me where necessary and knows how to motivate his clients. I look forward to realising my fitness goals with him.
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Going to the gym for the first time can be quite intimidating but Trey instantly put me at ease when we first met.

He encourages me throughout our sessions, especially when I don’t believe I can do it. If I struggle with a certain exercise Trey will take the time to show me the technique again or adjust accordingly to my fitness level.

I would have never imagined two months ago I would enjoy weight training or PT sessions. I highly recommend Trey as a personal trainer!
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I have been having PT sessions with Trey for about a month and a half now. After having a baby I really struggled with my fitness, so I decided to join a gym and get a PT. Just to tone up and improve my core.

After just having a few sessions with Trey I felt amazing. I noticed my body changing, my mood, all in all just felt soo much more positive.

I couldn’t recommend Trey enough. He is a lovely guy who always pushes me to the max of my ability. Trey is also very knowledgeable and has definitely given me my confidence back going back into the gym.
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I am in my fourth week of fitness training with Trey and very pleased with how it is going. The strength training is great and I am both seeing and feeling the difference already.
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Having done pt sessions with trey for the past 2 weeks , I couldn’t recommend enough . He takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to train hard which I wouldn’t do training on my own . His friendly and professional approach with a client makes you feel secure and confident in the gym . Excellent pt!
Emma .s
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I couldn’t recommend Trey enough to coach you and/or have PT sessions with. He has helped me build the strong, toned physique I’ve always wanted, as well as teaching me the importance of strength & resistance training as a female.
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I have been seeing Trey for about three months now. Having never been a gym fanatic, I really look forward to each session and am enjoying them too!

I am not only being educated in my nutrition-but also my posture (which I wasn’t aware was so bad!!!!) Having always had a weak back, this is also being addressed and improved through working out with Trey.

I am now beginning to get comments about my change of shape and can zip up dresses that were languishing in my wardrobe!

I am so glad that I approached Trey and would recommend him to anyone.
At the age of 61 I feel healthier and stronger than when I was 51.
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Trey is an amazing PT with superior technical knowledge. I have been training with Trey for almost 2 years. He’s focused on your needs. His training is demanding yet fun. He’s totally committed to delivering long-lasting results. Since working out with Trey my form has improved so much, I gained more lean muscle and my strength has improved massively, I have no doubt recommending Trey’s training which is always of high quality.
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I couldn’t recommend Trey enough to coach you and/or have PT sessions with. He has helped me build the strong, toned physique I’ve always wanted, as well as teaching me the importance of strength & resistance training as a female.
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Trey is a very friendly, hardworking, and supportive personal trainer. During his training sessions, he shows his interest in his client's goals and what exercise he/she needs to do to progress with their workouts! Trey does not pressurise his clients to do training sessions with him however he does explain himself clearly about what his session involves and the cost of it and he has even given me a discount for a block of sessions.

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