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Vladimir Casap
Vladimir Casap
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My key to success with clients’ fitness is based on true personalization and care. I fully dedicate myself to understand each person's story before a single weight is touched.

Regardless of your current fitness level and body goals, be it to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or prepare for a special event - I have the right strategy to make it happen.

My training expertise helped me change hundreds of lives, from professional athletes, actors, and competing bodybuilders to fitness enthusiast who want to live a healthier and happier life.

Now, I am a top fitness influencer and nationally featured personal trainer in my country of origin, soon to be known internationally.

If you are ready to be the next success story and transform your body and mind, I’m going to invest my knowledge, sweat and heart in it until you say “I made it”.
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
6 Kyu Karate Do
Choreography Certificate for Classical and Modern Dances
Weight loss & muscle tone
Muscle building
Mindset training
Nutrition & habit change
Strength & conditioning
Functional training with CrossFit elements
Special event prep (sports challenges and events)
HIIT & circuit training
Core strength
Posture correction
Customer care
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Vlad is honestly the most inspiring, down-to-earth and hard working trainer you will ever find. His bespoke training and food plans are professional, regularly updated and unlike any other trainer out there.

He goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. I had been gyming for 10 years when I met Vlad but was still unhappy with my body and had reached a plateaux. This was worsened after having a lung operation which left my lung capacity lower than before. He measured me and did some tests of strength and fitness before designing my programme. Vlad helped me lose fat and completely recalibrate my idea of fitness, as well as regain my lung capacity. He keeps you motivated and is also such a great guy.

See you soon ‘champ’
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I haven't tried personal training before but I always wanted to, so I looked for a friendly face online and I ended up training with Vova for 2 years! He is very professional, caring, supportive, attentive and encouraging - all the great words you can think about!

What's good about Vova's PT sessions in my view:

- He's a funny guy, trust me your sessions won't be bored!

- Taylor-made training programs: in my case I want to increase my energy levels to become more productive at my office job, and that's exactly what I achieved so far.

- He is very passionate about what he does, that will have an impact on your performance as well!

- Meal plans for you if you have the determination and discipline

Very happy with my training with Vova in the last 2 years, would definitely recommend!
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Vlad completely changed my relationship with exercise. Before I started my sessions with him, I exercised inconsistently and wouldn't have felt confident in the free weights section of the gym. Vlad has changed all that - he created a bespoke meal plan and training routine and has pushed me to my limits in order to see the best results possible. A great guy and the best money I have ever spent. Thanks, Vlad!
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Vladimir Casap. I'll start with saying thanks a million for your help, encouragement and expertise. I'm 49 years of age, have a desk job, and had never set foot in a gym til January 2020. I hobbled in, with an arthritic hip and a bad back. I don't have a bad hip or bad back now. I also don't have 22lbs of fat; I lost around 10.5kg with his help.

I didn't start training to look good; I was in pain. I'm no longer in pain. Sure, I had physio and printouts and all that. But I never actualy did it. Who does?

Vlad's sessions are relaxed, but pitched at a perfect level of difficulty – both in the gym and on Zoom. Wherever he works, Vlad is more like a Zen master than a trainer. He's kept me sane(-ish) during lockdown and has helped me make my physical health a priority. He's calm and smart with a lot of deep knowledge on physiology and anatomy and diet etc, that he's happy to share.

The translation of his Moldovan name in Moldovan means THE EXECUTIONER. It's the opposite of nominative determinism. The geezer coudn't hurt a fly. Nice one Vlad, best money i ever spent in my life.
Mike Power
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I don't think the space I have for this review is enough to express how amazing of a PT Vlad is. I signed up to train with Vladimir in March 2020 and we initially had a month of hardcore training, in which I was given a meal plan, 1-1 training and even life tips and book recommendations! From first meeting, I was very comfortable with him. As a woman, having a male PT is often daunting so having such a friendly, respectful male trainer gave me the confidence I needed to train and progress the way I've wanted to.
Then unfortunately, quarantine measures were put in place. During this time, Vladimir made sure to keep in contact with me and provide me at-home training, which I really appreciated. Since lockdown was lifted, I was able to come back to training and get back on track immediately and use my full potential.

Training with Vlad has become the best part of my weekly routine. He is an excellent trainer, always available to answer any of my questions and always keeping me focused during training. He has helped me set many personal and physical goals and changed my outlook on health and even my mentality. He is extremely encouraging and his insane amounts of energy is what keeps me going through the sessions and even beyond it. I always leave sessions extremely hyped up and ready to take on the day.

I am extremely grateful to have met Vladimir and the journey so far has been spectacular - I only hope to achieve more with his help and expertise! :)
Rida W
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Vladimir has supported my mobility / strength training in relation to my erbs palsy in the right shoulder. Whilst I’ve had this condition from birth, only since I’ve had the opportunity to train with Vladimir, have I seen rapid progress and development, which frankly, I didn’t think was possible. Vladimir takes a genuine interest in my well-being which is much appreciated, pushing me to the brink (in a good way) in every session. I initially signed up with Vladimir because he didn’t do the usual ‘sales pitch’ - he just noticed I was using a machine incorrectly and was available to help (without mentioning he was a PT). Thanks very much for your support so far - look forward to continuing the journey!
M Ali
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The best decision I made in my life recently has been starting a personal training journey with Vladimir. He's changed my perception of training, focusing and increased my self-confidence a lot. He’s just so great as both being a body and mind trainer and being a very good buddy. I am so grateful and proud of this journey and of having Vlad on my side.
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I can truly say from day one i felt like i’ve known him for years. Not only a good coach and inspiration in your sessions, but a friend in your day to day life, if you need to chat about something or need information/changes related to your training he will always give his spare moments to respond and help you. If you don’t have a relationship with your instructor it won’t be worth training and spending money, because you won’t enjoy or achieve your best goals. My word stays with highest confidence that Vladimir will accept you the way you are, encourage you even if you hate some exercises included in your program. Honestly, when i go on my own i feel that only half of me is pushing those weights. Also, if you’ve been in the military or some sort of hardcore training never mention - you will be doing as twice as hard right at the beginning hahaha! Seriously, love this guy and recommend him for everyone who wants to enjoy their training whilst at the same time pushing yourself to the limits you never imagined before! Thank you, Vladimir.
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Vladimir change completely my mindset and approach to the fitness.
I am still training with him and I do not want give up until reach my goal.
He became my mentor he is very reliable person with a huge knowledge
Best money that I invested in my life and absolutely recommend him as personal trainer.
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I had lost my confidence and motivation for going to the gym, just wasn't enjoying it like I once did.

Vlad stripped everything back, asked about my diet in detail, my experience with working out and did various weight tests to see the position I was in and what I needed to work on. He then created bespoke routines just for me and kept tweaking them until they were perfect. He was also always there if I needed some advice or had any questions.

It completely changed my outlook on the gym, I looked forward to going each day, even when I was super busy.

I highly recommend!
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Vladimir is an absolute professional! I am an actor who had to gain 4 kilograms of lean muscle for a very important role in my career, in a fairly short period of time which made it very challenging. That's when i contacted Vladimir. I could not have done this without him. I am EXTREMELY grateful for his work and dedication! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM to anyone who wants professionalism and results! Keep it up, Vladimir!!!
Edward Trica
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Vladimir gave me much more than a fit body, he gave me a fit mind. He made me understand the importance of exercise and healthy food and I fell in love with this lifestyle because of him. I highly recommend Vlad to anyone who is looking for a life change, and not just losing a couple of pounds.

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