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Wiktor Zych
Wiktor Zych
Cripps Recreation Centre
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Hello, I'm Wiktor, a certified personal trainer with Level 2 and Level 3 certifications, specializing in fitness and nutrition specialist at Level 4. As a lifelong athlete, including a background in volleyball, I bring a deep understanding of the positive impact of an active lifestyle on both physical and mental well-being.

My training philosophy revolves around technique, individualism, and psychological methods. I prioritize proper technique to ensure safe and effective workouts, tailored to the unique goals of each client.

With a focus on positivity and a genuine smile, I offer a wide range of training modalities, including strength and conditioning, plyometrics, heavy lifting, and flexibility exercises. My goal is to help clients lose weight, build lean muscle, improve cognitive function, enhance mobility, and prevent or recover from injuries.
I believe in fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere during sessions, ensuring client satisfaction through professionalism, individualized treatment, and a commitment to ongoing progression.

Let's embark on your fitness journey together and achieve your health and wellness goals.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
Strength and conditioning
Heavy lifting
Flexibility exercises
Weight loss
Build lean muscle.
Improve cognitive function.
Enhance mobility.
Prevent or recover from injuries
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After a few bad experiences with personal trainers In the past I was nervous to go through the process again but I’m so glad I did. I met with Wiktor for our initial consultation and he immediately put me at ease and make me feel comfortable, he’s incredibly knowledgeable and really listened to what my goals are and how to achieve them! It has been a true experience of “personal” training! He has been so patient with some of my struggles due to health and has adapted and worked with me every step of the way. Everything is catered directly to me and my goals. He’s given me tones of great advice and is always on hand to help if I need it. His passion for what he does really shines through, and it’s been an absolute pleasure training with him! I genuinely look forward to every session even when it feels hard! His bubbly personality has helped giving me confidence in my abilities and motivation. He has solid plans on what we are working on but can adapt our sessions easily to get the best workouts! I definitely know I’ve worked hard the next day. I would highly recommend Wiktor and look forward to continuing to train with him!
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After years out of the gym, and a big goal set for August, I knew I needed some help to achieve what I want to. Wiktor has been really good for me these first few weeks. He understands my financial situation to only do 1 session a week, and tailors the routine to how I'm feeling on the day, which helps me get the most out of my limited time with him. The exercises are varied and really work me all over, meaning I know I've had a good session the next day! He's fun and upbeat attitude also helps me focus on me and what I'm doing, rather than worrying about what anyone else is thinking. I'm looking forward to the next few months, and sending him a picture from the top of Mount Fuji come August!
Danni C
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Wide knowledge, vast experience and high professionalism.
Wiktor is an amazing trainer with excellent teaching abilities, empathy and compassion.
Strongly recommended for beginners and advanced practitioners :)
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Wiktor is a quality personal trainer! He assessed my needs well and gave me a great activation as a warm up to get me ready for our session. Wiktor is very knowledgeable and is a great motivator! I would highly recommend Wiktor as a PT for anyone!
Daniel C
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Great personal trainer!
Wiktor is a very friendly person, determined and knowledgeable.
Very reliable, always punctual, set up and ready to start training on time.
He is responsible for his clients’ training and assisting them in achieving their fitness goals.

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