Zoe Charlton-Brown
Zoe Charlton-Brown
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Training has become an integral part of my life and has totally transformed how I feel – both mentally and physically. Over the last few years, I’ve developed a new approach to training – to make it challenging, fun, and rewarding. This has been the key to keeping me motivated, to getting stronger and fitter, and most importantly to feeling happier.

Now, I am committed to helping others find the same happiness in the gym. You don’t have to be the strongest, fastest, or fittest to experience the benefits of safe, sustainable, and structured training. I am a passionate believer in the positive impact that exercise can have on mental health.

I recognise that knowing where to start can be daunting, but we will work together to build your knowledge, skills, and confidence. Through specialist programming that’s tailored to you and your goals, I will help you challenge yourself to unlock the potential you have to do hard things.

Whether you’re new to the gym or want a fresh approach to reignite your passion for movement, let’s meet for a complimentary session and start our journey
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Mixed modal strength training
Functional fitness
Kettlebell training
Alignment correction and posture
Mobility and movement patterns
Nutrition advice
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I have been working with Zoe for a while now and she’s the best!! The perfect balance of encouraging, sympathetic, serious and fun.
I used to hate the gym and would get very overwhelmed, but with her smiles, positivity and personalised sessions I look forward to it and the gym is a less dark and scary place!
I have hyper-mobility so have to be careful with particular exercises. Zoe really knows her stuff and adapts workouts and exercises to accommodate - she pushes me every week and is meticulous - ensuring that form and technique are correct before moving on. (To steal from another review: When she says “nice” I know she means it.)
63/10 recommend. Thank you Zoe! 🤩🙏
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Zoe has a wonderfully light and fun approach to working out and always takes great pains to understand your needs and where you're coming from. I've trained with her for a little less than a year and I really recommend her :) She's patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and just a really good time!
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I've been working with Zoe for almost a year now, and the transformation in my confidence about going to the gym and fitness level has improved massively.

Initially, I was insecure about going to the gym as I had not been in years, but Zoe’s workouts are diverse and motivating - and as a result I now feel confident going to the gym. I appreciate her attention to technique during workouts, and I'm constantly learning and improving.

Thank you Zoe - going to the gym has become something I genuinely look forward to!
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Look no further, Zoe is an extraordinary personal trainer. She cares about my progress, is persistent, deeply knowledgeable, and fun.

I had never done any strength training before I met Zoe, and had a secret belief I would be unable to do any of it. However, I am already feeling stronger, have lost some long standing aches and know I can do far more than I thought.

Zoe listens and watches very carefully and has helped me keep on until I get things right. Her knowledge is impeccable, she challenges me precisely and I then find I can achieve more. Every session is targeted at my progress, not some standard list.

When she says nice I know she means it.
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I’m a firm believer in first impressions, and when I first saw Zoe’s smiling face on her profile I immediately felt comfortable. I found Zoe because I was looking for a personal trainer who was not fixated on weight loss or on working out to achieve a particular body shape. My initial goal was to move away from using exercise as a way to look better, and to work towards using exercise to feel mentally better. Zoe understood that from the very outset, which was such a relief. For a long time, I’ve felt like I was going through the motions and never achieving what I wanted to achieve all along-an admiration for what my body could do. Zoe is the greatest supporter, has a brilliant coaching style and does not let you give up when you want to! It almost feels like Zoe has a sixth sense; she knows what you’re capable of when you don’t. I appreciate her eye for technique and her numerous ways of explaining stuff when I invariably get it mixed up or when I get cross with myself. Her patience is incredible, she doesn’t rush you and focuses on getting the basics right-safety is high on Zoe’s list of priorities. From approaching a kettle bell to the grip on a barbell, Zoe wants to make sure you learn the correct and safe way to exercise. Not only to prevent injury but also to give you the confidence to train by yourself. I’ve always felt out of place in the weights section of the gym, but with Zoe’s coaching I feel more at ease and have learned so much about gym etiquette.
I think it’s fair to say that you don’t get a bog standard PT experience with Zoe. You get a PT experience with bells on; there’s chats and laughs, sometimes deep conversations if it’s needed-because sometimes you have to challenge those deeply held beliefs you have about yourself in order to progress. Since training with Zoe, I’ve learned lots about myself and I’m firmly on the road to body acceptance. Thank You Zoe, You’re a B.A.M.F. X
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I’m nearly 55 and found out recently that my right leg is shorter than the left. This explained the excruciating leg pain at night I had been suffering for months. A few specialist appointments later and I was told I needed to strengthen my muscles. I didn’t know where to start! I love walking and swimming but it seemed that wasn’t enough. I strongly disliked the idea of having to go to the gym, and had never been in one before. Enter Zoe: she listened, understood, and now the pain has nearly disappeared and I love the gym! I really look forward to Zoe’s weekly session. She has a great sense of humour and tons of knowledge. I can’t recommend her enough.
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10/10 could not recommend enough it has genuinely changed my life.

I spent so long thinking personal trainers were too expensive or extravagant and I should be able to do this myself. I wish I had started sooner!

I had been ill for a while and was very out of shape and gained a lot of weight very quickly and i was trying to get used to it. I just kept trying to do the couch to 5k again and again and kept getting injuries.

Zoe listened to all my concerns, all my weird recurring injuries AND all my issues with diet culture and weight loss focused exercise that I find so damaging to my mental health. She took everything on board!

She makes great tailored work outs for our sessions and for me to do alone, that I actually look forward to! I think I have actually found joy in exercise after hating it my whole life!

Honestly if you want or need to get in better shape but are the fence about whether a personal trainer is worth the money I would so recommend talking to Zoe. It's the best self care I have ever done!
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Zoe is a great trainer! I am not a massive fan of the gym, but she has made workouts fun and has taught me so much in a short space of time - the hour training session often flies by!

I am also gaining confidence in going to the gym by myself. She is very knowledgable and has adapted my workouts around IVF treatment, which has helped me immensely both mentally and physically. She has been super flexible about sessions also, which is great.

I would highly recommend her!
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I approached Zoe initially because I wanted to build strength and stamina to support my pole dancing hobby. From the start she was enthusiastic about my goals and did a great job building a programme that was tailored to my needs. Historically I haven't been a gym goer at all and she was extremely supportive when I was initially quite overwhelmed with all the new things I had to learn. She's fun, knowledgeable, tolerant of my complaining, and strikes a great balance of understanding if I don't complete all my workouts while still motivating me to get back on the horse. 10/10 would recommend!
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Working with Zoe has got me back in the gym and raring to go. My anxiety about the gym environment has faded and my confidence in my body’s ability has increased. Zoe makes great training programs and brings energy and enthusiasm to workouts. Highly recommend if for whatever reason you’re feeling scared to hit the gym.
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I’ve never previously been a gym goer - always found them quite intimidating! (Never really been much of a fitness person) … working with Zoe has really helped to bring me confidence that I would never have expected! Dare I say, I’m even enjoying my sessions?! … I come to the gym on my own without a second thought and I’m really noticing the difference; I feel fitter, stronger, and more confident! Would highly recommend Zoe’s services :) she’s understanding, practical, patient and also motivating! 💪
Lily Guy-Vogel
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Zoe is a fantastic trainer. She’s taught me a lot about structuring workouts and helped me correct my form, and I’ve gained confidence being in the gym on my own. She comes to each session with a tough personalized workout and a great sense of humor. She’s always flexible and conscious of injuries I’m recovering from, and helps to find exercises that work for me. I feel stronger and better than I have in a long time. Can’t recommend Zoe enough!
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Zoe is a fantastic personal trainer; kind, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and has a great sense of humour. Having trained with her for four months now, I have thoroughly enjoyed working together and I look forward to our sessions. Make no mistake though, Zoe will not let you slack off! She pushes me in a firm yet friendly way when she knows I can achieve more. As a queer neurodivergent person (ADHD) I feel extremely comfortable with her and she is more than willingly to accommodate my specific needs. She has also helped me build my confidence, I learn some previous bad habits and helped me strengthen weak points. Her approach to combining physical exercise with mental health knowledge works excellently and is a big factor in what made me choose to work with her. I would recommend her as a trainer to anyone and I look forward to many more sessions with her!
James Egan
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I started with Zoe back in April, hoping to regain confidence with strength training. I can safely say this has been achieved and Zoe has helped me build a great training routine that aligns with my other fitness goals. As someone with an unpredictable work schedule that sometimes takes me away from home, Zoe has also taken this into account and helped me build a plan that's manageable and rewarding.
Our sessions in the gym are always fun whilst challenging and I look forward to every one!
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I have never been a fan of exercising, and struggled to make it happen. However, after working with Zoe, I genuinely look forward to hitting the gym!

From the very beginning, she has been an incredible force of positivity, and her humor and knowledge makes every session both fun and worthwhile. The way she can turn a workout into a genuinely entertaining experience is nothing short of amazing.

I wanted to become stronger in the long term, primarily for my two young girls, and I can confidently say that she has helped me achieve that. I feel stronger than I have in decades, and I'm continually amazed by the results. I looked in the mirror a few days ago and I haven't looked this good since I was 20. She is incredibly knowledgeable and tailors each session to my needs and progress, ensuring that each workout is efficient and effective.

She an excellent trainer, and a fantastic motivator. She has a genuine passion for helping her clients succeed and consistently goes the extra mile to support and encourage them. Her dedication and commitment to my success have been invaluable.

To anyone considering hiring her as a personal trainer, I cannot recommend her highly enough. The investment you make in her services will undoubtedly be worth more than most things you could spend your money on. She is truly a five-star personal trainer who will help you achieve your goals. So, make the decision and invest in yourself – you won't regret it!
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I can’t recommend Zoe highly enough - she’s incredibly friendly, motivational and has actually made me enjoy working out (no mean feat!). She’s so knowledgable and always makes sure that she’s giving me what I need - whether in terms of goals, frequency of exercise or variety. I genuinely enjoy our sessions and have felt a real difference in my fitness, strength and energy levels, even over a short period of time.

She’s been so flexible to accommodate my last minute work and childcare commitments, and is always smiling. Thank you Zoe!
Georgina Service
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As a self proclaimed gym phobic Zoe has made me fall in love exercise. Right from our first meeting Zoe listened to what I wanted to achieve and created tailored made plans to help me reach goals. Along the way she has pushed me to achieve stuff I never thought would be possible and has shown me not just how to feel comfortable in the gym but also enjoy exercise! I’m two months in and have already seen results. mentally I’m reaping the rewards of regular exercise and have never felt prouder of my body. Anyone who is looking to incorporate exercise into their lives, work on themselves or just finally start to enjoy exercising I can not recommend Zoe highly enough!
Harriet Lowe
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Zoe has the rare combination of kindness, epic humour and the ability to cajole me into doing exercise when all I want to do is eat biscuits and drink tea. Thanks to Zoe I actually have muscle definition and strength and fitness and seeing her is always a source of joy.
Laura Walker
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I have never liked the gym, but I knew I needed to start making a concerted effort to exercise, especially as I spend a lot of my work day sat down. Zoe listened to my concerns about past injuries and worries about the extremely low level of fitness I was starting from and has helped me build my confidence, make the work fun (or as fun as it can be) and actually has me looking forward to going to the gym rather than dreading it, which is no small feat. I would highly recommend hiring Zoe as your personal trainer!
Natalie Malla
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After 6weeks training with Zoe I feel like my muscle memory is already back! Thanks to her I found the healthy and joyful pattern of going to the gym, getting confident to use each machine for the best result, and training home! It’s a blessing to have someone to take care of your body form and health so that your mind is free.
Zoe is a bomb of energy and joyful smile, got me into new excercises that I could not even imagine to be able to do! 💪🏻🏆

She is keeping me on track on having good habits with training, food and sleep ☺️🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️

I highly recommend her!
Marina Cogliani
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Had a great time training with Zoe - she worked up a really great programme for me, taking into account some injuries, and made sure in a short time I was feeling and seeing the benefits.
Barry johnston
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After almost a month training with Zoe I have never felt stronger!! I always felt quite shy going to the gym on my own but she has helped me with my confidence and strength.

She explains everything perfectly and is so supportive and encouraging each session that I’m now excited about going to the gym! Couldn’t be happier with my progress so far, all thanks to the wonderful Zoe!
jessica mehmet
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Training with Zoe has changed the way I wake up in the mornings, my energy levels and happiness, and my relationship with exercise! She's helped me get stronger both physically and mentally while learning proper form and dynamic workouts. I used to be too intimidated to do anything in the gym that I didn't understand, but she's built a repertoire of movements with me that are honestly changing my life. She's also helped me be more confident when it comes to working out and expanded my view of what it means to be healthy. I come home smiling and those endorphins carry me through the day!

With her help, I've learned how to exercise while taking care of and respecting my body and mind. And she has been so flexible with my busy work schedule, meeting when and where I can. Training with her has been one of the best decisions I've made.

If you're looking to move more in your life, increase your energy levels and confidence, and feel and look great, I'd highly recommend hiring Zoe as your trainer. Her focus on proper form and her mantra "trained, not drained" means that you'll work hard without risking injuries and pain. She's also the easiest person to be around, so kind and hilarious, that you won't even notice the training hour going by!
Tina Shah
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After 2 years of low impact exercise due to a back injury Zoe has brought me back to life and helped me find my strength again. She is supportive, encouraging and so much fun to work with, making the whole gym experience less intimidating and making me feel excited to work out. Thank you Zoe!!!!
Rosie Mackean
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I considered my self well trained in strength training and kettlebells and didn’t think I’d benefit from having a personal trainer. How wrong I was! Having trained with Zoe, I now realise just how much I have to learn and the importance of continuing to challenge and push yourself in a way that’s not just about lifting heavier but understanding movements and the subtle changes to technique to make movements more efficient and recruit more muscles whilst reducing the risk of injury due to proper form. Zoe educates in a way that’s not judgemental and is easy to understand - her patience and relatability is a reassuring presence. I feel stronger, more confident and am enjoying the gym again.
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After having a baby 8 months ago I had lost confidence in the gym and wasn’t sure what exercises/ movements were appropriate for my body. Zoe has helped get my confidence back. She is extremely knowledgeable and listened carefully to my needs and concerns. Prior and during each exercise she checked in with me and explained how I could improve my technique. I am starting to feel stronger and also feel confident to use the gym and equipment on my own.

She has also been very flexible with timings which has been great for me as a new mum.

I would highly recommend Zoe. Thank you
Holly Barrington

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