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17th June 2021

Louise, 32, from Manchester, joined the Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club as personal trainer in May 2021.  Louise, who formally worked in digital marketing, qualified as a personal trainer 18 months ago.

The personal training role at the Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club is Louise’s first job working out of a gym, and she is being supported by the team at YOUR Personal Training, which supports both PT’s and gym operators to deliver a world-class personal training service.

Louise says: “This is a big change of career for me.  It really was a leap of faith; going from the security of being employed, to working for myself and managing my own time and business – it takes guts to give it a go!  It’s been great to be supported by the team at YOUR Personal Training. It’s the best of both worlds. I still get to work independently, but have the structure and the support of a team around me.  

“YOUR Personal Training has made me feel very welcome. I have a really good relationship with the team there, who are very helpful. Their guidance and advice is really clear, they have great online resources, including scripts, templates, pricing guides. I also found the YOUR Personal Training ‘launch’ webinar really exciting – and a chance to meet (virtually) with other PT’s who were starting their careers with YOUR Personal Training too. I’ve kept in touch with these PT’s, as although we are working at different locations, it’s nice to feel you are in the same boat as others, and can share ideas/strategies. I particularly found the guidance on how to ‘sell myself’ really useful.”

In less than a month at the Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club, Louise is already working with eight clients, and her business is taking off.  She says: “I want people to fall in love with exercise, and a 1:2:1 personable approach to physical activity can really motivate people to try something new.  

“In my past I was always interested in fitness and wellbeing – and used to participate in a lot of cardio workouts and classes. However, over time, I became more focused on weight training and functional workouts, but like so many people, I was not sure how or where to begin with the weights and gym equipment.  This is where PT’s can make such a big difference. I know how my clients feel. I can empathise with them. I used to lack confidence and feel insecure in the gym too. Working with me can help build a clients’ confidence and well-being, as well as their physical abilities!”

Louise’s particular area of interest is working with older women, GP referrals and people from a sports background who are looking to weight/body build.  Louise says: “As people get older, it’s more important than ever to focus on the maintenance and the building of muscle through strength training, as well as exercises to support ligaments and joints.”  

To find out more about Louise or to book a complimentary PT session visit her profile