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Unlocking the Fitness Industry's Potential: Insights from Evolve 2023

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16th June 2023

Recently YOUR Personal Training Directors joined industry leaders and experts at the exclusive Evolve 2023 event hosted at Red Bull HQ in London. This VIP gathering provided early access to insights from the highly anticipated State of the UK Fitness Industry Report 2023. The event aimed to explore the evolution of the fitness industry, address critical challenges, and develop innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of consumers in a post-pandemic, climate-conscious, and technology-driven era. Notable figures such as Andy King, Keith Smith, Mike Saul, and David Minton shared valuable insights throughout the event.

In this blog, we will highlight the key findings and offer our perspective on how we can maximise member experience, build a strong sense of community, and improve retention rates in our rapidly growing industry.

In today's ever-evolving fitness industry, providing exceptional customer service has become paramount for gym operators. As the industry continues to prioritise health and well-being, the demand for personalised experiences and expert guidance is at an all-time high. This is where YOUR Personal Training (YPT) steps in, offering a unique solution that not only elevates customer service but also supports personal trainers in their journey towards success.

The Rising Importance of Customer Service
With consumers prioritising their health and wellbeing, the global wellness market has witnessed significant growth and garnered the interest of investors. In this dynamic landscape, gym operators must recognise the shifting expectations of consumers. Gyms are no longer able to let "sleeping members lay” and have shifted their focus to improving overall customer engagement, satisfaction, and service. YPT understands this changing dynamic and equips gym operators with the tools and resources to deliver outstanding customer service through highly skilled Personal Trainers. Members now seek personalised attention, tailored guidance, and exceptional support, driving the need for high-level customer service.

YPT have themselves seen the demand for greater service and increased level consciousness to improve overall health in the demand for Personal Training via online enquires alone. When compared to 2019, consumer enquiries increased by 96.7% in 2022 which is almost double, with just over 26% of those being non-gym members. So, are people looking to that extra level of support and service before even going to a gym?

Empowering Personal Trainers
Personal Trainers play a pivotal role in enhancing customer service and member engagement. YPT acknowledges their significance and provides a platform for gym operators to tap into a network of highly skilled and dedicated personal trainers. These trainers undergo rigorous training and possess the expertise to understand and cater to each member's unique goals and needs. By empowering personal trainers, gym operators can create a thriving environment that fosters loyalty and drives member satisfaction.

Thriving in a Resilient Industry

The fitness industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience, particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have recognised the value of hospitality and leisure, resulting in a wider focus on health and fitness. Despite a decrease in the number of gyms, the total UK membership has exceeded 10 million, representing a growth rate of 3.9% compared to the previous year. This growth indicates the enduring appeal of fitness and the importance of exceptional customer service in retaining and attracting members. 

Thriving in the Personal Training Industry
When looking at the fitness industry in the UK, the year 2019 is often referred to as the golden era in fitness. Post-pandemic, the industry faced significant challenges, including recruitment and retention of personal trainers (PTs). However, within this landscape, YOUR Personal Training (YPT) has not only survived but exceeded where others fail.

Delving into the data, YPT has discovered impressive statistics that set them apart from the rest of the industry. Despite a 40% drop in applicants and many other organisations publicly expressing their struggles in PT recruitment and retention, YPT has experienced a remarkable 41% increase in PTs operating within their partner clubs during 2022 when compared to 2019. Moreover, they have achieved a 14% decrease in PTs leaving year on year when comparing 2019 to 2022 at which point YPT already had the best length of stay for Personal Trainers (28.6 months, Industry Average = 6 Months) and lowest annual attrition rates in the industry which continues to improve be cemented year on year.

So, how is YPT thriving while others are facing challenges? The answer lies in their unwavering commitment to excellence and providing unparalleled support to PTs. While the industry as a whole struggles to attract and retain PTs, YPT goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and create an environment where PTs can truly thrive.

Despite the ongoing narrative within the industry of the 'PT problem,' YPT has continued to grow year on year where others are standing still or going backward post-COVID. Many operators have approached us for support but are not prepared to do what it takes, choose to ignore the solution staring them in the face or continue to do the same things that have failed them each and every year. While people love to talk about the "PT Problem," and profess to have the answers at every industry event going, despite never achieving them. YPT has proven through their actions that they are the only ones achieving results that everyone desires on a local and national scale, making others' expertise questionable at best.

PTs can no longer be ignored, and they hold the power of choice. YPT recognises this and showcases what they have to offer to attract the best candidates with the greatest potential. Quality candidates are no longer settling for the first job they come across, realising that not all opportunities are the same. They seek better support, prospects, income, and environments.

YPT stands above the crowd in the sector when it comes to PT recruitment and retention and is unrivalled in this space. They receive hundreds of applications, even overwhelming systems with the volume (sorry again to the team at Love Recruitment). Their success can be attributed to several key factors;

Firstly, YPT has established a strong network of partner clubs, ensuring that PTs have access to a wide range of facilities and clientele, expanding their business and maximising their earning potential. Secondly, YPT offers comprehensive training and ongoing development opportunities, enabling PTs to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Furthermore, YPT's emphasis on community and support sets them apart. PTs within the YPT network benefit from a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie. YPT fosters a collaborative environment where PTs can share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, leading to personal and professional growth.

In summary, while the fitness industry as a whole grapples with the challenges of PT recruitment and retention, YOUR Personal Training (YPT) not only survives but exceeds where others fail. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, unparalleled support for PTs, and dedication to creating a thriving community have set them apart from the rest. As the industry evolves, YPT continues to lead the way, providing PTs with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

To see how YPT could benefit your gym operation, improve customer service and satisfaction levels get in touch today by clicking HERE or email [email protected] 

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