Operator Story Angus Alive The process from audit to onboarding was seamless
Iain Stevens Senior Manager, Angus Alive


Creating careers and inspiring change

Iain Stevens is the Senior Manager at Angus Alive who operate 7 venues with the mission of changing lives by inspiring healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices.

Below Iain outlines the successful partnership Angus Alive have enjoyed with YOUR Personal Training since launching their model in December 2021.

Where it started

For many years Angus Alive operated with a very limited Personal Training offering. We felt as a business we could do more but the usual restraints and expertise were not available to us in abundance. We therefore sought a viable solution through YOUR Personal Training and gained a lot of initial comfort from the fact these experts had been operating in this space since 2010 and have a wealth of experience and a robust system we would benefit from.



We work with YOUR Personal Training because have taken the burden off Angus Alive. We strive to offer our members 'inspiring choices' and Personal Training certainly fits this mantra. Directors Aaron and James visited all of our venues prior to launch to gain a deep understanding of our centres, communities and PT opportunity before assigning our regional director James Pittam who has continued to deliver the right calibre of Personal Trainer we desire at our venues.

What are YOUR PT like to work with?

The process from audit to onboarding was seamless and now the regular updates and support we have via the YOUR PT is exceptional. We operate in a remote area but our regional director has not only been a presence on site on a regular basis he has also established strong links with our affiliated colleges and developed career opportunities into PT via these routes. In my experience, YOUR Personal Training deliver on every level they say they will and we enjoy the partnership we have adopted. 


Why is YOUR PT a great choice for operators?

The YOUR PT model is a great choice for us as an operator. We now have personal trainers in our venues that are buoyant and driven towards supporting our members to achieve amazing results. We can now offer this service across all our centres via the network of PTs that have launched at our sites which is something we could not have achieved alone.

The solution YOUR PT offer is zero cost and hassle free which presents a sensible choice for any operator looking to evolve their gym experience.


Would you recommend YOUR PT?

YOUR Personal Training will undoubtedly s in progressing any gyms PT model forward. They are very forward thinking, great to work with and are experts in this complex field. The PTs that now operate at our centres are confident, happy and excited about their prospects in the industry which is great to see.