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PT Story Case Study: Oliver Fletcher-Bryan I’ve had an incredible experience with YOUR PT.
Oliver Fletcher-Bryan Personal Trainer

Why do so many PT’s fail to become successful full-time self-employed PT’s?

Becoming a self-employed PT is a real leap of faith, taken by individuals who have a desire and a calling for fitness and wellness. However, being a successful PT has little to do with how ‘fit’ you are, and much more about your overall business sense and management skills.
It’s unfortunate that so many aspiring PTs face the same problems when they are trying to run their own business. These include:
  • Not knowing where to start or how to build a client base
  • An over saturation of PT’s in one gym, leaving no business for anyone new
  • Lack of experience in administrating a business and putting systems in place
  • Struggling with procrastination as they have no accountability 
  • No marketing or sales experience
  • Cannot afford business support or a mentor with experience and expertise to guide them
  • Relying on leisure managers and gym staff who may never have been a PT or been in their shoes
  • Unsure how to create PT packages/offers for new clients or run an effective PT consultation 
  • Unsure of what business tools and resources they need 
This is where YOUR Personal Training (YOUR PT) can make all the difference. YOUR Personal Training PT’s are continually up-skilled and mentored to develop career sustainability and advancement. YOUR Personal Training’s career, business and marketing CPD programmes enable PT’s to onboard with a YOUR Personal Training role immediately.  
For example, like so many others, Personal Trainer, Oliver Fletcher-Bryan, who works in Bury St Edmunds, was looking to make the transition from a full time Fitness Instructor to fulfil his dream of being a fully self-employed PT.
Fortunately, Oliver made the proactive decision to work with YOUR PT, who helped solve the problems new PT’s often face.  Oliver explains: “I’ve had an incredible experience with YOUR PT. After receiving my qualifications, I had no idea where to go as a new PT, but the support from my YOUR mentor has been very reassuring; regularly checking in with me and making sure I am on the right track and offering advice whenever needed. 
“The business resources and plans YOUR PT provide have been crucial in ensuring I get off to the best start in my career.”