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PT Story Case Study: Titus Gwaze Running my own PT business gives me the opportunity to grow my clients
Titus Gwaze Wakefield Trinity Player & PT

Professional rugby league footballer, Titus Gwaze, has recently become a PT for YOUR Personal Training, based at Better Gym Bradford, which is managed by GLL, the UK’s largest charity-based social enterprise, delivering leisure, health and community services.

The 22-year-old has a successful rugby career, after first signing for Wakefield Trinity in 2019.  Titus, who plays Prop, went on to play for the London Broncos, and has just signed for Halifax Panthers, a move that brings him closer to his home in Huddersfield.

Titus has always been interested in physical activity, enjoying playing football and cricket as a child before settling on rugby, and is excited to join the YOUR PT team, allowing him to run his own PT business, supplementing his earnings from his rugby career.

Titus says: “I have a lot of training and match commitments. Pre-season includes four intensive training sessions a week, focusing on strength, speed and techniques; we even have to endure an ice bath to help with recovery. All this means I need a career that gives me job flexibility.  Running my own PT business gives me the opportunity to grow my clients whilst not hindering my rugby training and match commitments.”

Titus’s role at Better Gym Bradford is his first job as a qualified PT, a position he gained through YOUR Personal Training, which supports both PT’s and operators to deliver a world-class personal training. Titus says: “It’s great to be my own boss, whilst also having the support of the YOUR PT team to encourage and nurture my career.  After just two days at Better Gym Bradford, I had my first client and felt really positive.”

Titus says: “I’m very comfortable in the gym environment, and I’ve been talking to lots of potential new clients, but I didn’t have much practical experience of running my own business. The mentorship and training YOUR PT provides helped me to get the basics right and has given me great insight into building a business, the importance of being your own sales person, as well as the value of budgeting and managing my time effectively.

“My aim is to have six clients each full day I work. This will allow me to balance my PT business and my rugby career.  I can’t wait to start working with more clients, to help and support them to reach their own personalised goals. For me being a PT is all about motivation, inspiration and patience.”