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PT Story Celebrating Rita Manso: YOUR Personal Training's PT of the Month for November You have to be super organised - make my schedule work for me not the other way around, you certainly have to set clear boundaries as a PT
Rita Manso Personal Trainer, Stokewood

Celebrating Rita Manso: Personal Trainer of the Month for November

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Rita Manso, our outstanding Personal Trainer of the Month for November. Rita's journey into the fitness world is nothing short of inspiring, filled with determination, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

Rita's story begins during her university days, where she was immersed in the study of Spanish and French. It was during this time that she discovered her profound passion for sport, coaching, and exercise. True to her belief in following one's passion, Rita took a bold step and enrolled in an intensive Personal Training course, obtaining certifications in Level 2, 3 and advanced level 4 along with additional qualifications in outdoor fitness, spinning, and continuous professional development (CPD) courses.

Her career kickstarted at Virgin Active in Streatham, but Rita soon realized that her ambitions extended beyond the operating model of the gym. Undeterred, she took a leap of faith in 2017, relocating to Bournemouth to study sports psychology and joined the BH Live fitness team, later transitioning to Personal Training with YOUR PT at Stokewood LC in July 2022.

Since the launch of her personal training journey, Rita has demonstrated remarkable growth both as a PT and as a business owner. Currently working with 15 clients regularly, she credits her initial success to a strategic mix of marketing methods, including Instagram, the YOUR PT website, and in-center marketing. Rita's dedication to her craft and her clients is evident in the positive impact she has made on those she serves.

When asked about the biggest obstacle she faced, Rita pinpointed time as a significant challenge. Juggling university commitments, volleyball responsibilities, and study demands required a high level of organization. Rita emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries and making your schedule work for you in the demanding world of personal training.

Looking forward, Rita has her sights set on specializing in Pre/Postnatal training and nutrition. Her desire to elevate her skills and services underscores her commitment to continuous improvement and providing the best possible support to her clients.

As a parting piece of wisdom for aspiring personal trainers, Rita emphasizes the necessity of a genuine passion for helping others. Her advice is simple but powerful: "Don't do it for the glory." Rita's journey serves as a testament to the rewards that come from a genuine desire to make a positive impact on others' lives through fitness and well-being.

Congratulations Rita for being our well-deserved Personal Trainer of the Month! Your dedication and passion inspires us all.