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PT Story Celebrating success: Hattie Bailey is YOUR PT’s Personal Trainer of the Month for May The impact you can have on other peoples lives is incredible, I love being a Personal Trainer.
Hattie Bailey Personal Trainer, Kentish Town Sports Centre

Celebrating Hattie Bailey: YOUR PT’s Personal Trainer of the Month for May

We're thrilled to announce that Hattie Bailey has been named YOUR PT's Personal Trainer of the Month for May! Hattie's journey is a testament to her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to empowering others through fitness.

A Journey of Passion and Transformation

Before embarking on her career as a personal trainer, Hattie had a diverse background that laid the foundation for her success. She spent time weight training and mastering Muay Thai in Thailand. Her career path included working as a nanny and holding various jobs, but it was a friend's suggestion that ignited her passion for fitness and inspired her to join YOUR PT. Hattie's dream of being self-employed and helping others achieve their goals was a perfect fit for her new role.

Starting Strong: From Nerves to Confidence

Hattie began her journey with YOUR PT in August 2023, and she currently trains an impressive 24-27 clients on average. Reflecting on her launch, Hattie admits it was a nerve-wracking experience that pushed her out of her comfort zone. Hattie described those early days as "a total mess," but with a positive attitude and the unwavering support of her PT support manager Ellie, she managed to put on a smile every day and push through the challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles and Building Confidence

One of the biggest obstacles Hattie faced was her own confidence. Battling imposter syndrome, she learned to be consistent and approach each day with a fresh perspective. This personal battle has only strengthened her resolve and ability to connect with her clients.

Transforming Lives: Best Client Results

Hattie's dedication to her clients has yielded remarkable results. She has worked with a diverse range of individuals, serving as a catalyst for positive life changes and boosting their confidence. Each client's journey is unique, and Hattie finds immense satisfaction in helping them achieve their goals and transform their lives.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations for the Future

Over the next 12 months, Hattie has ambitious plans. She aims to expand her expertise in pre and post-natal training, as well as strength and conditioning. With her gym being based in a residential area, Hattie is perfectly positioned to make a significant impact on her clients' health and fitness journeys.

Why Become a Personal Trainer?

For those considering a career in the health and fitness industry, Hattie highlights the profound impact personal trainers can have on their clients' lives. The ability to understand and help individuals achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding, and it's the number one reason she believes more people should join this field.

Join us in celebrating Hattie Bailey's incredible achievements and dedication to her clients. Hatties’s journey is an inspiration to us at YOUR PT, and we're excited to see what the future holds for this exceptional personal trainer!