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PT Story Karolina Jasicka I was delighted to be financially able to leave my part time job.
Karolina Jasicka Personal Traner

So many personal trainers come into the health and fitness industry whilst having other part time or full-time job. From our experience, they will spend years trying to make the transition to Personal Training as their full-time occupation, and unfortunately often never succeed.

With YOUR Personal Training (YOUR PT) PTs have a very different experience. More than 40% of PTs that come to YOUR PT with full time or part time jobs are able to leave employment in less than six months to follow their passion

Karoline, a PT at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre in Rugby, already has 14 clients, completing 22 sessions per week on average. She achieved this in just two months and has been able to give up her part-time job.

Karolina explains:

“After just a few weeks of working as a personal trainer with YOUR PT, I was delighted to be financially able to leave my part time job. My YOUR PT mentor is always supportive and willing to help whenever I need it. He is always encouraging me to progress and to have positive thinking.

“It’s great to be part of the YOUR PT team and to work alongside a company that shares the same values I do. It’s wonderful that I can turn my passion into a full-time successful business.

“I am very happy I decided to work with YOUR PT as it helps me to achieve my goals while I am helping others achieve their own. My PT clients have already made big progress; driven to achieve their goals alongside a more positive mindset. I am inspired by my clients’ transformations and am proud to be a part of their wellbeing journey.”

Karolina Jasicka