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Operator Story Revolutionising Personal Training Operations 180% increase in uptake of PT by members and 225% increase in number of PTs across 14 clubs
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In today's fitness industry, personal training has become a crucial aspect of success for gyms and fitness clubs. However, managing and finding the right personal trainers (PTs) can be a challenge. This case study showcases how Your Personal Training (YOUR PT) transformed the personal training operation of a gym operator, resulting in impressive results in just six months.


Initial Challenges

Before partnering with YOUR PT, the gym operator faced numerous challenges with their PT model, including a lack of consistency and quality of PT offerings, low-qualified PTs, inadequate job training, and high turnover rates. YOUR PT conducted a full audit and found that 26% of the PTs were not Level Three qualified.

According to Managing Director Aaron McCulloch “None of this is new to us at YOUR PT, during our PT feasibility studies over the years we often find many commonalities that tend to be revealed each and every time such as;

  • Low-grade PT services
  • Poor performance in both service levels and financials
  • Over 25% of staff are not suitably qualified to be personal trainers based on current industry standards
  • Little or no oversight

All of these factors make those PT operations a liability to the clubs with many of these operators try to brush over and even hide these issues when they first contact us by telling us they believe they have a strong PT service or model - this is seldom the reality



YOUR PT invested in a comprehensive recruitment and onboarding process to bring a qualified and experienced PT team to life. They conducted local and regional job marketing campaigns, held webinars, and contacted previous applicants and PTs about new and existing opportunities. YOUR PT also offers a compelling proposition for PTs by investing in and supporting their individual careers, providing regular training and development opportunities, and allowing them to make personal training their full-time career.

The results of partnering with YOUR PT were impressive - the gym operator experienced;

  • 180% increase in uptake of PT by members
  • 225% increase in number of PTs across 14 clubs
  • 2,000+ additional PT consultations taken place
  • 8,000+ additional member interactions taken place
  • 23,000+ paid PT sessions in just six months - 123% increase 

In addition, 40% of internal part time PT’s on YOUR PTs “Blended PT” Pathway became full time in less than six months, earning up to 10 times their previous income through our supportive partnership, giving them the freedom to make personal training their full time career.

Clubs that have implemented YOUR PT have also reported a 70% increase in PT revenue, a 50% increase in customer satisfaction.



The fitness industry is constantly evolving and personal training has become an essential aspect of success for gyms and fitness clubs. By partnering with YOUR PT, the gym operator in this case study experienced impressive results and revolutionised their PT operation.

YOUR PT provides a comprehensive solution by recruiting and onboarding qualified and experienced PTs, investing in and supporting their careers, and leveraging technology to optimise services. If you're looking to improve your PT operation, consider partnering with YOUR PT and experience these benefits for yourself. By improving your PT offerings, you'll see an increase in uptake, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

So why wait? Get in touch with YOUR PT today and take the first step towards revolutionising your personal training operations. YOUR PT's dedicated team is ready to help you reach your goals and take your gym to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your PT operation. Contact YOUR PT today and start revolutionising your personal training operations!