Your Personal Training
Operator Story Waterside Hotel and Leisure "The team at YOUR PT are so professional, really knowledgeable and for us its been a successful partnership over the last 4 years"
Alice Hulley Leisure Director, Waterside Hotel & Leisure

The case

The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club wanted to look at increasing their PT service offering to members. To the Waterside it was all about offering great added value to members to support in improving retention rates with membership. The club had previously engaged with a local PT company (I-PT) and also had an existing self employed and in-house PT model.


Our method

We met with the existing PT’s at the club alongside completing a full audit of the membership, equipment, space, locality and the current PT Market in the region. We then presented the Waterside with our findings before launching our recruitment campaign to support the overall goals of the Waterside.


Our aim

Our main aims for The Waterside were to increase the number of Personal Trainers in the club whilst simultaneously increasing the number of participants using the Personal Training Service to support member retention.
The secondary aims were to increase the revenue the club was receiving at the time to grow beyond its £4000pa and remove their own expenses in running this service.


The results

Between launching on 1/7/2017 and 31/1/2018 we grew the existing team of 1 PT to 10 PT’s putting the club at our pre-agreed target for Personal Trainers. The revenue at the time of hitting target was £24000pa, an increase of 500% in 6 months.

This has been maintained throughout the term of the current agreement with minimal turnover. There was a 25% increase in PT license fee’s since the initial launch allowing the club to grow it’s revenue on two fronts, this is reviewed periodically in line with the needs of the club & members.



Recruitment Support for Leisure Roles has drastically reduced the cost per hire and time spent on recruitment for Waterside.

Desire and Demand for PT’s at the club is now at an all time high, so in agreement YOUR PT & Waterside increased the size of the team by 40% beyond initial capacity projections to keep up with latent demand and ensure the high service level to members was able to be met.

The average length of stay for PT’s at Waterside is 42.6 months, far exceeding the industry average.