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PT Story Celebrating Excellence: Connor Feeney Nominated as Personal Trainer of the Month for June If you think you can succeed as a PT, challenge yourself, it will be the best decision you've made, cut out the noise and go for it.
Connor Feeney Personal Trainer

We are thrilled to announce that Connor Feeney, based at Forfar Community Campus (operated by Angus Alive), has been nominated as Personal Trainer of the Month for June! Connor’s journey and achievements are a testament to his dedication, passion, and expertise in the fitness industry. Here’s a closer look at his inspiring story and the impact he’s making as a personal trainer.

From Hospitality to Health: Connor's Journey

Before stepping into the world of personal training, Connor Feeney had a rich background in hospitality, with over a decade of experience. He was on the cusp of working as a lead steward on the Orient Express when he decided to pivot towards his true passion—fitness. Driven by his love for running and powerlifting, Connor retrained and became a certified personal trainer, marking the beginning of a new and fulfilling career.

Starting Strong: Connor’s Launch into Personal Training

Connor officially started his personal training career on October 1, 2022, at Forfar Community Campus. Since then, he has built a robust client base of 24 dedicated individuals and also delivers group PT sessions to over 45 participants. He actively engages with the community through meetings and networking, emphasising the importance of mental health and the role PT can play in it. This proactive approach highlights Connor’s commitment not just to physical fitness, but to holistic wellbeing.

Overcoming Obstacles: Skills and Strategies

Transitioning from hospitality to personal training was not without its challenges. Connor leveraged his management experience, particularly in coaching and group confidence, to navigate these hurdles. Marketing was initially a blind spot, but with the support of YOUR PT—providing business cards, uniforms, and other resources—Connor mastered the art of smart marketing. He worked closely with the fitness centre, improved his public speaking skills, and utilised CRM systems effectively. This continuous development has been a key to his success.

Transforming Lives: Best Client Success Story

One of Connor’s most inspiring client success stories is that of Karen. They met during a class he was covering, and through consultation and goal setting, Karen achieved remarkable weight loss within 6-7 months. She then shifted her focus to building muscle and strength, participating in events like Hyrox and half marathons. Karen’s transformation was so profound that she decided to change her career. Now, under Connor’s supervision, she is training to become a personal trainer herself, illustrating the far-reaching impact of Connor’s mentorship through YOUR Academy.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations and Goals

In the next 12 months, Connor aims to continue his development by holding himself accountable to mentors and YOUR PT. He plans to bring Karen on board as a fellow PT and strives to achieve the status of a Master PT. Connor’s commitment to growth and excellence ensures that he will keep making significant contributions to the fitness community.


Why Join the Fitness Industry?

Connor’s personal journey is a powerful testament to the potential of a career in the health and fitness industry. Despite initial skepticism, including advice from his family against self-employment, Connor trusted his instincts and pursued his passion. His story encourages others to challenge naysayers, believe in their abilities, and take the plunge into a rewarding career as a personal trainer.

Congratulations to Connor Feeney on his well-deserved nomination! His dedication, resilience, and positive impact on clients’ lives make him a standout in the fitness industry. We look forward to seeing his continued success and contributions in the months and years to come.


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