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Operator Story Why gym operators trust YOUR Personal Training “We have worked with YOUR Personal Training since 2011, Working with YOUR PT enables our gyms to provide a high level, personalised service to members plus we are able to offer career progression to our non-PT staff”.
David Evans Chief Finance Office, Bay Leisure ltd

YOUR Personal Training have operated with the leisure industry since 2008 and have over recent years firmly positioned themselves as the leading Personal Training brand within the UK. 

YOUR Personal Training deliver an unmatched and unique service that is often considered the logical partnership for gym operators far and wide. 

Now operational in over 450 facilities nationally there are 5 key reasons why an operator would consider working with YOUR PT. The following explains each area in detail and to book a discovery call to learn more simply follow the link HERE  

Professionalized service: YOUR Personal Training are experts in their field. It’s an area where lots of industry personal like to think they know what works but often this can be flawed practice. YOUR Personal Training have spent year harnessing processes, tweaking systems and developing new strategies to ensure the service offered is optimal. Chief Finance Officer David Evans of Bay Leisure says: “We have worked with YOUR Personal Training since 2011, they deliver a professional, flexible and proactive PT service which has benefitted our member service as well as creating a sustainable income line. Working with YOUR PT enables our gyms to provide a high level, personalised service to members plus we are able to offer career progression to our non-PT staff”. 

Turn key solution: YOUR Personal Training offer a free service to recruit & manage Personal Trainers across leisure, university and hotel facilities nationwide. Onboarding with YOUR Personal Training is seamless, the team support every step of the way and having a national infrastructure ensures quality control nationally. Everything from communication to brand standards and ongoing support is covered by the exceptional team of regional support managers and directors. Leisure Director Alice Hulley of the Waterside Leisure club and hotel commented: "The team at YOUR PT are so professional, really knowledgeable and for us its been a successful partnership over the last 5 years"

Governance: All Personal Trainers operate within IR35 regulations and in addition complete extensive checks before launch including qualification acceptability and DBS checks. YOUR Personal Training deploy expert recruitment strategies to ensure the talent identification is industry leading and that Personal trainers represent their brand and operators brand professionally. Senior Manager Iain Stevens of Angus Alive says: “Over the years we have dipped our toe in attempting to bring a PT provision to our community, but it never really landed.  Existing staff didn’t necessarily want to retrain and we struggled with specialist recruitment; we simply didn’t have an effective model to offer this as well as we could. YOUR PT have a proven and tested model that works, so we are very excited to be partnering with YOUR Personal Training to provide our members with quality personal training.”

Revenue generating: Gym Operators should be generating a consistent revenue from a Personal Training model, often there are challenges around PT payments, members complaints, recruitment challenges that disable an operator from truly hitting the mark when it comes to delivering a world class Personal Training service. In a recent case study with the Waterside Leisure club, Manchester - YOUR Personal Training successfully increased this single site operators revenue by 500%, full study is available HERE 

The key outcomes of this study were:

- Recruitment Support for Leisure Roles reduced the cost per hire and time spent on recruitment for Waterside.

- Desire and Demand for PT’s at the club is now at an all time high, YOUR PT increased the size of the team by 40% beyond initial capacity projections to keep up with latent demand and ensure the high service level to members was able to be met.

- The average length of stay for PT’s at Waterside is 42.6 months, far exceeding the industry average.

Member experience & retention: Gym operators understand that there is an economic impact line to be drawn with regards to member service and length of stay. The fitness industry is constantly evolving and personal training has become an essential aspect of success for gyms and fitness clubs. By partnering with YOUR PT, gym operators can focus on areas of the business that drive direct revenue. Creating a profitable and sustainable Personal Training model can absorb a lot of time, revenue and energy from a gym and a recent case study illustrated how effective there YOUR Personal Training model can be reporting:

180% increase in uptake of PT by members
225% increase in number of PTs across 14 clubs
2,000+ additional PT consultations taken place
8,000+ additional member interactions taken place
23,000+ paid PT sessions in just six months - 123% increase 


Full report can be accessed HERE  

Director of Operations, Iain Hayes of HALO Leisure commented: “YOUR Personal Training help us to get more people more active more often, and help us to achieve our mission of ‘Creating Healthier Communities’, we have seen staff develop incredibly well into Personal Trainer roles supported by the YOUR PT managers.”


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