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Smash your fitness goals

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Our PTs are dedicated and ready to help you on your own personal fitness journey. They understand that your wellbeing goals are unique to you; be that working towards a particular fitness challenge, coming back from injury or just starting out. Our experienced and fully qualified PTs will work with you and for you, delivering the results you desire. All our Personal Trainers offer a complimentary PT session* - so you can discover if our PT is the right fit for you.

*Subject to the individual Personal Trainer’s availability


Your fitness routine will be more effective because an expert Personal Trainer will maximise your workout time. This is especially advantageous if you only have a short window of time to workout.


Exercise is not always at the top of your to-do list because it can be difficult. Employing a Personal Trainer is an excellent way to make a commitment to achieving your fitness goals and to be held responsible for doing so.

Goal setting

If you lack commitment, self-motivation, or just the ability to start your fitness journey a Personal Trainer could be key to getting your new fitness routine off the ground.

Individualised plan

You can waste time in the gym, or you can use it wisely. A Personal Trainer can help to identify and plan the best exercises and frequency to support you.

Nutritional Advice

Personal Trainers can encourage their clients to optimise their dietary habits such as sharing food choices that can enhance personal training sessions.

Exercise variety

Doing the same workout day in and day out leads to a loss of motivation. To make workouts more effective for you, a Personal Trainer can add a variety of different routines to your workout to keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.

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