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10 Food And Diet Myths Debunked

We debunk 10 common diet and food myths 

Does Alchohol Make You Fat

Does alcohol make you fat?

Record PT bookings

During January the YPT website has recieved record personal trainer bookings.

YPT wins #SBS Award

We are thrilled to be chosen as a winner of Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday Award.

Over 40 New PTs Join YPT

Working nationwide our PTs benefit from superior personal trainer support, lower fees and the best PT to member ratio

Why bcaas are better than protein shakes

Branch Chain Amino Acid supplementation (BCAAs) has been used for many years in the bodybuilding industry to promote

10 Habits Fit People live by

Read 10 habits that fit people live by

Spotlight on one of our area managers

ames Lorey is one of our highly motivated area managers covering Swansea, Bristol, Swindon, Bath and Oxfordshire.